US Company Launches Mouse Meat Cat Food for Finicky Felines

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
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Cats are notorious as picky eaters, so their owners are constantly trying to figure out which brand, which flavor, and which texture will be their pet’s choosy taste buds’ liking. Well, have you tried offering them mouse meat? Going back to the “roots”, a US company led by a previous pet store owner turned entrepreneur, Tom Radcliffe, opted for creating a pet food formula that contains mice, the “original” feline fave. Even though most house cats haven’t had the chance to taste mice meat, they are still drawn to the gamey and unique flavor of what would be their usual prey in the wild.

Mouser, as the food is aptly named, isn’t only made from mouse meat. Recognizing the refined palates of our feline friends, the formula is adapted to suit even the pickiest of kitties, and it’s available in 4 unique flavors: Field Hunter made with chicken and mouse; Forest Hunter which combines turkey and mouse meat, Pond Hunter with duck and mouse meat, and Brush Hunter, which contains rabbit meat and mouse meat. In all of the formulas, the meat of choice is the first ingredient, whereas the mouse meat is second on the list, which ensures not only a memorable taste but also that all of your pet’s nutritional needs are met. Radcliffe worked tirelessly with animal nutritionists and experts to come up with a formula that will be both tasty to cats and be complete and balanced nutrition-wise. 

Sourcing quality mouse meat is also a big endeavor, as one can only imagine. Currently, Radcliffe is getting his mice from “specialty producers who breed rodents for snakes and owls to ensure a hygienic canning process” and is currently focused on improving his supply chain as the demand for Mouser grows. Having in mind that mouse meat is actually 10 times more expensive than, say, poultry or rabbit meat, it’s clear that a lot of effort and funds are going into creating this special cat food formula. But, as it turns out, it seems that all of it was worth it.

The end result of Radcliffe’s extensive research and unique vision is now available for sale in pet stores all across California, Nevada, and Arizona, and that’s just a month after Mouser’s launch. Driven by curiosity (and sometimes sheer despair over their cat’s pickiness), pet owners are giving mouse meat a chance and it turns out, kitties love it. Be it a novel protein source, a gamey, strong flavor, or the texture – Mouser is becoming a big hit with cats all over the US.

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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