10 Calmest Rabbit Breeds

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

There are a lot of pet rabbit breeds out there, and each one comes with its own set of character traits, a unique personality, and varying energy levels. Some bunnies are full of energy and the need to exercise. Others, on the other hand, are downright lazy. But there are some rabbit breeds that are calm, affectionate, and gentle – and that’s the ideal set of traits that a pet bunny needs to have. If you are a future bunny owner in need of a calm and laid-back pet that won’t mess with your daily routine, then read on! Here is a list of the 10 calmest rabbit breeds out there!

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#1 Jersey Wooly Rabbit

If you are looking for a calm and laid-back bunny to be your pet and companion, you really can’t go wrong with the Jersey Wooly. Known for their cute and quirky looks, and their shaggy fur, these bunnies have a lot to offer in terms of personality and fun. But they do all within bounds of reason – these rabbits are not known for escapades and restlessness. Perfect for those wanting a calm and obedient pet rabbit. They are easy to handle, they are super gentle, and docile. As such they are great as pets for singles, seniors, and families with kids.

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#2 English Spot Rabbit

Cute and unique looks are not the only thing an English Spot Rabbit can be proud of. Their personality is equally attractive! Gentle, affectionate, and not overly active, these rabbits have a calmness that many owners will learn to value. They are a true low-maintenance rabbit breed, and perfect for a variety of owner types. Content with subtle playing and general lounging throughout the day, these rabbits will charm you with their gentle demeanor, calmness, and looks. If you’d, however, like a pet with tons of energy and a penchant for antics, this breed might not be ideal for you.

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#3 Alaska Rabbit

This rabbit breed is not as harsh as the environment of Alaska, whose name it bears. On the contrary, this breed is loved by children around the world: they are gentle, affectionate, docile, and easy to handle. This calm nature is especially valued by all owners and those who value their stylish appearance and black coat for beauty shows. Overall, these rabbits are great for families with kids, and all those that want a calm and fun-loving pet. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to the Alaska Rabbit – they are as lovely as can be: inside and out! 


#4 English Angora Rabbit

The first thing that will catch your eye with the English Angora Rabbit is undoubtedly their unique appearance. Their bushy brows, unique curved ears, and super fluffy coat are all very charming. But so is their personality. This breed is known as being calm and gentle and can be handled with ease. In fact, it is this calmness that is valued by owners who proudly present their pets at beauty shows. After all, no restless and fidgety rabbit will do well at the beauty pageant! The English Angora rabbit takes the cake here! Their calmness is very valued, as is their gentle and affectionate nature.

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#5 Siberian Rabbit

A rare and valuable rabbit breed, the Siberian Rabbit really has a lot to offer to all types of owners, especially those who value a calm, docile, and easy-going rabbit. The laid-back type, the Siberian Rabbit is very calm and can be easily handled, especially when socialized at a young age. Popular at beauty shows, these bunnies’ calmness is especially valued by passionate owners and breeders. And they are smart too! This means that they can even learn a trick or two, or understand when to match your energy and play. Overall, this breed is quite calm, and you’ll definitely love it.

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Swiss Fox Rabbit

You really can’t overlook these tiny balls of fur. The Swiss Fox Rabbit is tiny, cute, and endlessly affectionate. They are loved for their unique silky fur, but also for the wealth of their character. In general, they are known as a hardy, obedient, calm, and very affectionate rabbit breed, and make perfect pets as a result. They are easy to handle and work well amongst children too. As such, they are ideally calm pets, suited for seniors, singles, and families. However, they might be a bit difficult to find. But once you find a Swiss Fox Rabbit– don’t miss the chance. These calm bunnies will definitely make your life richer. 

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#7 American Rabbit

In many ways, the American Rabbit is the iconic pet bunny breed. They have a great mix of character traits and are loved worldwide. In general, they are a calm breed, gentle and affectionate, and easy to bond with. When the weather is lovely, your American Rabbit will enjoy hopping about in the backyard. On the other hand, you also might spot them snoozing the day away in the living room. Either way, they won’t be in your way. Great as pets for lonely seniors and singles, but ideal as pets for families with children, these rabbits won’t fail to embellish every life they enter. 


#8 Fauve de Bourgogne Rabbit

Their names might be too complex, but the characters are far simpler! These exotic ginger bunnies are admired for their beauty, but also for their calmness, their gentleness, and their affectionate nature. A laid-back breed, the Fauve de Bourgogne won’t object to normal handling and petting and will thrive in a variety of households. Their calm temperament will fit right in with families with children, as well as with seniors. They won’t have a high appetite for action and exercise, and will rather love to spend an afternoon in your lap. What more can a devout bunny owner ask for? 

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#9 Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

The name says it all: the Giant Chinchilla Rabbit proudly displays its fluffy and silky fur, reminiscent of the Chinchilla! They are a beautiful and fluffy rabbit breed – but their appearance is not all that’s great about them. They have a great character too: these rabbits are docile, laid-back, and calm. As with most “giant” rabbit breeds, there isn’t a particular need for action with them. Instead, their calmness takes over. They are content with simple games, snoozing, relaxation, and bonding. These rabbits are easy to handle, especially when socialized properly. In general, they are a balanced rabbit breed, loved by families around the world for their fantastic traits! 

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#10 French Lop

You can’t be indifferent to the fabulously cute looks of the French Lop. Their large floppy ears, their small size, and their unique coat colorations make them the true charmers of the bunny world. And their character goes hand in hand with their appearance. The French Lop is a calm, laid-back, and docile rabbit, known to be affectionate and fun-loving. Great in a family setting, they will be loved by children and won’t really mind the attention. In fact, they can be as cool as a cucumber in most situations. And that is a level of calmness that has to be admired! 

What are the Benefits of a Calm Pet Rabbit?

Just as there are different types of pet rabbit breeds, there are also different types of owners. Some are outdoorsy and outgoing and will need an equally energetic pet rabbit. Others, however, value a more calm and docile pet that will prove to be a more laid-back companion. And it is no secret that calm rabbits can bring with them a whole host of benefits that can enhance your life and the relationship you can have with your pet. Here are just a few benefits of a calm pet rabbit.

  • Less time-consuming

With a calm pet rabbit, you can definitely bring your daily routine to a whole new level. If you want a tiny fuzzy pet, but still need to complete your daily chores, this is the ideal solution. A calm rabbit won’t require any extra attention. While they are perfectly content to snooze and relax for a time, you can finish up the tasks that remain. A calm pet rabbit can perfectly balance out your daily routine, and not cause a total mix-up.

  • Minimal hassle

These types of bunnies are the true “no-hassle” pet. The maintenance is minimal, and everyone can benefit from their laid-back demeanor. When the brief playtime is over, your bunny can be perfectly content with being on their own for a time. And that adds a whole layer of peace into your day – and you’ll still have a loving pet by your side! That is a big difference from some other pets, such as dogs, cats, or parrots which are much more demanding in comparison. That’s not to say that calm rabbits need no care and love – just that their exercise requirements are much less daunting than most other pets.

  • They make great companions for kids

Let’s face it: rabbits are one of the most popular choices for family pets. And for a reason, too: they are simply adorable and gentle. Calm pet rabbits are the greatest pets to be around children. They are gentle and affectionate, and their calmness allows for easy handling. You can pick them up without hesitation, and they won’t really mind it after all. When children are too enthusiastic about interaction with rabbits, most bunnies will flee in fear. But calm rabbit breeds will remain indifferent and docile, allowing the kids to pet them and pick them up. And in a busy family household, that calmness is a great thing to count on. Just be sure to educate your children on proper and safe ways to handle a rabbit and you can rest assured they’ll make fast friends.

Are Calm Rabbit Breeds Good as Indoor Pets?

Yes! Calmer rabbit breeds make fantastic house pets. Whether tiny or giant, pet rabbits with a minimal need for exercise are great to have around the house. Not only will they have minimal maintenance, but won’t take up a lot of space either. Those more energetic and rowdy rabbit breeds (oh, and they do exist!) will often nibble on tiny bits around the house, get in all sorts of places, and generally be a naughty little nuisance at times. And once outside, they satisfy their curiosity with all sorts of bunny entertainments. A calmer rabbit, however, will not be as mischievous. You can usually spot them in their favorite corner, snoozing and chilling out. And that sort of reliability is important for owners who lead busy lives. 

What is even better is the size of most pet rabbit breeds. Their size dictates that they generally don’t need all that much space. So, it usually doesn’t matter where you live: in an apartment, a spacious household, a tiny home, or anything else for that matter. As long as accommodations are within reason, your bunny won’t have an issue. Just don’t forget their bare necessities! 

Calm Pet Rabbits Are Great for First-Time Owners

One great fact about calmer pet rabbit breeds is their low maintenance, as well as their easy to handle character. If you are an absolute beginner rabbit owner, then look for any one of these calm rabbit breeds: it might make your first contact with pet rabbits all the easier and more rewarding. Those more demanding rabbits won’t hesitate to show you their personality, their need for exercise, and their high levels of energy. In fact, they might even take a bite at you! To avoid that, it is best to find a gentle and docile rabbit: you will be able to spot the difference at once. Once you are dealing with a calm rabbit, you can devote your time to proper training and care. And those early steps really make a difference for first-time owners!  

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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