10 Laziest Rabbit Breeds

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Owning a pet rabbit can be a bit of a handful, no doubt about that. Some bunnies can be energetic, inquisitive, and just like that “Energizer” rabbit from the ad, with a full-on appetite for action. Some owners, however, can’t keep up with that energetic pace. That’s why we’re introducing the 10 laziest rabbit breeds out there. Great for singles and seniors, but for thriving families as well, these calm and docile rabbits won’t overwhelm you with their energetic outbursts. Instead, they will fill out their day with lounging, snoozing, basking in the sun, and keeping you company. And after all is said and done, you can’t really go wrong with a pet as calm as that! 


#1 English Lop

Calm, docile, and a tad bit lazy, the English Lop rabbits make great house pets with little maintenance needed. Great as senior and family pets, their calm demeanor can benefit like-minded owners! The English Lop, especially in its adult age, can love a good snooze in the living room or a bask in the afternoon sun. It doesn’t take much to satisfy this lazy ball of fur. Laid-back and intelligent, these rabbits have been a popular choice for pets for many generations. In their younger years, however, they might not be so lazy and will love a good hop about the backyard.


#2 Dutch Rabbit

Dutch rabbits are known as some of the most docile and easy-going pet rabbits in the world. And with these personality traits, a streak of laziness is all but guaranteed. Gentle and calm, these rabbits won’t mind just being lazy throughout the day. When the food is good and the weather is nice, these rabbits will be quite content with chilling out and doing absolutely nothing! However, stimulate them enough, and they might get a desire for exploring their surroundings! All in equal measure, however, as it will soon be time for rest, cuddles, and snoozing. And if you don’t like lazy rabbits, don’t think you’ll easily change the Dutch rabbits – they can be quite stubborn at times.

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#3 American Rabbit

In the world of pet rabbits, the American Rabbit breed is the “chill” one. Super laid-back and calm, this breed is ideal as a pet for families, seniors, and children. They won’t mind being handled, cuddled, and pampered to no end. Overall, they are just lazy and don’t care much about exercise. They are, in many ways, the perfect bunny companion for just casual hanging out. Of course, some American Rabbits can display bursts of energetic behavior, but not all that much – snoozing about will be much more attractive to them. A truly fantastic rabbit breed, through and through. 


#4 Mini Rex Rabbit

Known for their docile and calm demeanor, the Mini Rex rabbit has been a very popular rabbit pet for families and seniors. Quiet and calm, these bunnies will much prefer the lazy lifestyle,, rather than being energetic explorers of the backyard. If you think that a lazy bunny will be to your liking, you really can’t go wrong with a Mini Rex. They will be an ideal pet, especially in homes with children. And not only are they lazy and calm, but they are beautiful as well, thanks to their smooth, velvety coat.  

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#5 French Lop

You can’t mistake the iconic appearance of the French Lop, especially with their long droopy ears and unique colorations. But did you know that they are also quite lazy and laid back? As with many large-sized rabbit breeds, the French Lop really tends to be on the calmer, lazier side of things and will love to just lay about throughout the day. But their laziness does not mean that they are a boring breed: the French Lop has a lot of personality, and will surely win over your heart. All of this makes them one of the best pet rabbit breeds in the world! 


#6 Continental Giant Rabbit 

All “giant” rabbit breeds have a tendency to be calm, gentle, and lazy. After all, being so large prevents you from being really energetic and athletic. The Continental Giant rabbit is a great example of how a large bunny can be a bit on the lazy side. You can expect to see them just lounging around, unimpressed by the events unfolding around them. But they won’t be all too indifferent! Although lazy, they are very intelligent and will love to play a mind game or a bunny puzzle. The perfect lazy companion to a lazy owner, these bunnies will still be a fun pet!

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#7 Polish Rabbit

Docile, affectionate, and endlessly cute, these lazy little Polish bunnies are adored around the world as an ideal rabbit pet. They are popular with all types of owners, from singles to seniors and large families. Their somewhat lazy demeanor makes them great to look after and not demanding in terms of energetic behavior or restlessness. If you are a type of owner who would prefer a calm, lazy, and laid-back rabbit breed, then you can’t really go wrong with a Polish Rabbit. Thanks to their affectionate nature, they will love a cuddle and a snooze on your lap, and won’t shy away from being handled by children. 

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#8 American Chinchilla Rabbit

Just as the name suggests, these bunnies are so alike Chinchillas, thanks to their soft, fluffy fur. But they are also very gentle, calm, and outright lazy. A large breed, it isn’t known for energetic behavior, but rather for its truly laid-back demeanor. Perfectly content with just chilling out wherever they are, they will be an ideal pet for owners that want a lazier bunny by their side. The American Chinchilla Rabbit is patient, affectionate, and cool as a cucumber – nothing fazes them. Still, they are quite smart and won’t mind a good bunny toy to pass the time. 

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#9 British Giant Rabbit 

Just look at these chubby, fluffy balls of fur! From a glance, you just know that they won’t win any medals for athleticism and energetic outbursts. It’s true! These are one of the lazier rabbit breeds and will love just hanging out in the yard. It is above all a gentle, docile, and affectionate breed, known to go along well with kids, seniors, and even cats and dogs. It has all the positive traits that a pet rabbit should have, and it is a great first-time rabbit pet! They also won’t mind hanging out on your lap either – a great trait if you are looking for a fluffy four-legged companion.


#10 Fauve de Bourgogne Rabbit

The name might be a mouthful, it’s true. But behind it hides the fantastic pet rabbit. Let us introduce the Fauve de Bourgogne – an enigmatic, beautiful rabbit breed that is known as a gentle, calm, and laid-back breed. If you aren’t after a lot of action in your daily routine, then this is a pet you want by your side. The Fauve de Bourgogne will be perfectly happy just lounging around, whether in the living room or in the yard. And even though calm and a bit lazy, they will still charm you from the get-go – their ginger coat is simply stunning! 

Are All Rabbits Lazy?

As a rule, no, not all rabbits are lazy. In fact, a vast majority of them are the stark opposite – they are full of energy, curiosity, and a desire for exploration. Little bundles of energy, pet rabbits will often require a lot of attention and are thus best suited for owners that can meet their needs for exercise and playtime. However, there are those rabbit breeds that contrast those classic rabbit traits. These breeds are calmer and docile, a result of selective breeding and their inherent natural traits. Even though larger rabbits tend to be lazier, there are also smaller rabbit breeds that are less active throughout the day and could be well suited to a person that prefers lazier pets.

How to Know if your Rabbit is Lazy or Something Worse?

As a responsible rabbit owner, you will have to be extra careful and recognize the special signs: is your bunny just super lazy, or is something more serious at hand? You can sometimes mistake an ill and unhappy bunny for a lazy one. And the difference can sometimes be subtle. There are various reasons why a rabbit might be inactive and overly calm. Sometimes it’s not just the mood, sometimes it can stem from a sickness. 

An observant and caring owner should realize that the rabbit is sick – rather than just lazy. There can be a noticeable lack of activity overall, as well as an overall appearance of fragility and illness. A sick bunny can breathe heavily and fast, or even grind its teeth as a clear sign that something is amiss. Add to that constant sneezes, a runny nose, and shivering, and you might have a clear indication that a visit to the vet is mandatory. Another clear sign is a lack of appetite. Rabbits are not known for being picky eaters – in case your bunny refuses a delicious meal, something might be wrong. Also, if your rabbit seems lethargic, unable to move, or remains in the same spot for a prolonged period of time, don’t think they are being lazy: this can be a sign of a more debilitating issue. 

Are Lazy Rabbits Boring?

A common question that future pet rabbit owners will ask is whether their new family members will be boring if they are lazy. A vast majority of owners would prefer the latter: a ton of energy, fun, and playtime. However, this does not suit all owners. Some prefer an outright lazy bunny. But they might also worry that “lazy” equals “boring”. So what’s the truth? 

You would be surprised at how fun and enjoyable lazy bunnies can be. Yeah, sure, lazy rabbits will prefer to just snooze, lounge, and chill out for most of the time. But they won’t do it in an apathetic, boring kind of way. On the contrary, they can be amusing, funny, and playful when prompted. A lot of the docile and calm rabbit breeds will love to play with their owners and will enjoy a good rabbit toy – a puzzle or a rope. If you want to add a bit of fun into your lazy rabbit’s daily routine - don’t hesitate to do so! It will be good for them and will break up the same old behavior. But as soon as the play is done, it’s back to chilling out!

How to Make a Lazy Rabbit More Active?

Is your fluffy four-legged friend just taking it a bit too far? Too lazy? Snoozin’ all day long and enjoying the sunlight a bit too much? You can take the matter into your own hands and provide a few fun activities to break up that lazy streak and add a bit more activity and energy into their daily routine. For starters, you should increase the time that they spend outside. If you have a safe environment, like a fenced-in yard or a safe park, you should take your rabbit there frequently. The outdoors can still provide a lot of new sights, smells, and surfaces – and the bunny is bound to like it. 

Another great trick is to introduce new and exciting rabbit toys. You’d be surprised at how many there are on the market. Puzzles, chewing toys, balls, and ropes, there are tons of unique designs that can really break that lazy lull into which your bunny has fallen. And you’ll quickly see how smart and easily stimulated rabbits can be. Try it, and see if the laziness persists, or a mere sight of the puzzle toy sends them into a streak of activity! 

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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