10 Reasons Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
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If you are looking to get a pet, but can’t (or don’t want to) adopt a cat or a dog, you’re probably considering your other options. Some pet owners find joy in sharing their life with a feathered friend, such as a clever African Gray or a pair of cute lovebirds, others are passionate about aquatics and enjoy caring for a shoal of exotic fish, and some prefer small animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, or rabbits – which consistently top the lists as some of the most popular pets around. Bunnies are so well loved for a number of reasons, starting from their cute looks to their lovable personalities and many in between. We’ve selected a few of the causes why rabbits are such popular companions for families of all shapes and sizes, so you can determine if a bunny is a right choice for you and your lifestyle. Read on and find out what are the 10 reasons why rabbits make great pets – it might be just what you need to know before adopting a bunny. 

 Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes

Whether you’re in love with fluffy bunnies, giant bunnies, tiny bunnies, bunnies with spots on their coat, or bunnies that have exotic colors, you will find what you are looking for. There are numerous different rabbit breeds to choose from, and their unique traits are often related only to their appearance and some slight changes in temperament, as they tend to be sweet, loving, and quite adaptable in general, no matter their breed. As a result, every type of owner – be they single, seniors, or a family with young kids, will certainly find a rabbit pet for their own liking. 

Rabbits don’t need a lot of space

With some pets, things become challenging when there is a lack of space. For example, if you live in a cramped studio, you can’t really consider adopting a large breed dog or a working breed that needs a big backyard to burn off excess energy. But with rabbits, space is not an issue, as even the bigger breeds don’t need as much room as some other pets do. A bunny will be fine with a reasonably sized enclosure in the corner of the room, a litter, and a bit of safe and enclosed space to exercise and stretch. Anything more than that is up to you and your abilities. So, even those that live in small homes can enjoy the company of the rabbit – without worrying about overcrowding or neglect! 

Rabbits are hardy animals

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are not fragile and frail. In fact, they can be quite hardy and tend to have good health. While rabbits are not impervious to diseases, there aren’t many serious illnesses that can affect them genetically, and most of the ailments that can happen are treatable by experienced veterinarians. Of course, a rabbit is only as healthy as you care for it. They are robust, sure, but still require your care and attention to stay that way. This means that their diet will have to be balanced and healthy, as well as their hygiene, exercise, and all the other parts of rabbit care. With all this taken care of, you can definitely count on your rabbit pet to be very resilient. 

Rabbits have a reasonably long lifespan

It is only natural that all owners would love their pets to be around for many long years. Some animals have longer lifespans than others, and some pets are very short-lived. But luckily, rabbits do not belong to this group! These animals have reasonable lifespans. On average, they live between 7 and 10 years, and many can live beyond that as well. This gives you plenty of time for bonding and creating some wonderful memories. Of course, as usual, this can only happen if you provide your pet with proper care and attention. Take care of them –and they will stay with you for long. 

Rabbits get along well with children

Rabbits make ideal family pets and make good first companions for children. As we already know, pets are important for children and can be a crucial part of their development. And rabbits are amongst the most adored pets! Kids will love these fluffy, adorable, and gentle balls of fur. But most importantly, they can learn a lot of important lessons from owning a rabbit. They will learn to be gentle with animals, to care for them and keep them healthy and safe, and to bond and play with them. Bunnies, in turn, can provide them company when you cannot, playing with them or simply cuddling. It is a match made in heaven, and bunnies make some of the best pets for children of all ages. 

Rabbits are quiet and won’t bother your neighbors

Some owners find parrots or dogs too loud and have to find a more quiet pet. You might also be living in an apartment building, and simply can’t have a pet that makes noise due to neighbors complaining. This is not an issue if you get a bunny. Rabbits are very quiet animals and make almost zero sounds that can be considered loud. With a rabbit, there won’t be any risk of annoyance, being woken up, babies restless, or neighbors alarmed. Instead, you can get a good amount of peace and quiet, which can be ideal for snoozing, working from home, etc.

Rabbits are clean animals

Some owners, understandably, would prefer a pet that isn’t a hassle to clean after. Poop, pee, loose hair, bird seed, feathers, food crumbs – different pets can leave all sorts of dirt behind them. This is natural and understandable, of course, but it simply isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. With rabbits, dirt is down to a minimum. Sure, they have to do their “business”, but they aren’t as messy about it as some other animals. Of course, a rabbit is only clean when they are litter trained – otherwise, they will simply pee or poop wherever they happen to be. But training them is not a great challenge, and it will pay off, in the long run, to do so.

Rabbits are quite affectionate when socialized

Every owner would love a pet that is affectionate and loves to cuddle and doesn’t mind interaction with their owners. Luckily, when socialized early, rabbits are precisely like that – sweet, loving, and adoring of the attention their owners give them. Of course, some rabbits don’t like being handled and it’s important to note this. This is usually a consequence of poor training: you need to socialize and handle a bunny from an early age, in order to get them accustomed to human interaction and your hands. With this accomplished, however, the bunny will have no problem resting in your lap.  

Rabbits are relatively low-maintenance pets

If you live a busy life with plenty of daily chores, rabbits won’t really get in your way as cats or dogs can. These are generally considered to be low-maintenance pets, that won’t give you all that much hassle. Regular feed times, and a bit of cleanup, and they’re pretty much good to go. This, of course, does not mean you should neglect your rabbit – they will need mental stimulation, affection, interaction, and exercise in order to remain the best version of themselves. Still, if your day is especially busy, you can count on your bunny to not get in their way! 

Rabbits are intelligent animals

Did you know that bunnies can be real smarty pants? They might seem docile and lethargic at first glance, but don’t be fooled. These are intelligent and inquisitive animals, whose curiosity is often the instigator for some quirky and fun behavior. With a bunny, fun is always around the corner: they love to play, solve riddles, and play with special rabbit toys. They can even learn basic tricks, so don’t hesitate to try some training. You would be surprised at how smart they are, especially after a few years of living by your side. These are fast learners whose antics can really take you by surprise! 


When you take all these reasons into account, it’s easy to see why rabbits are so loved by their owners and don’t lose their spot among the most popular pets decades back. They have many positive traits and are so adaptable that they make perfect pets for a range of owners, which is not something that can be said about many animals. They’re relatively easy to handle and take care of, and won’t be a constant hassle. Still, you’ll do good to remember that rabbits will need your attention and constant care – just like every other pet on the planet. Otherwise, your bunny won’t thrive or fulfill their potential. Be sure to take care of their needs, and they will remain steadfast companions for a good number of years. 

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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