Queen Elizabeth's Corgis To Stay In the Family Following Her Passing

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
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The late Queen’s love for Corgis was widely known – she got her first Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Susan for her 18th birthday in 1944, and has never been without a pooch by her side since then. She owned more than 30 dogs during her 70-year reign, and while Corgis were definitely her favored breed – she didn’t own this breed exclusively. In fact, she is credited for creating the crossbreed Dorgi, when one of her Corgis mated with her sister’s, Princess Margaret, dachshund, producing a litter of cute, short-legged mixed breeds.  

Even so, in the last few years, as Queen started experiencing more and more mobility issues, the numbers of her pets dwindled, as many of them died from old age and she decided to stop breeding new ones, as she was unwilling to leave young dogs behind when she died. She did, however, receive two puppies from her son, the Duke of York, also known as Prince Andrew, and his former wife, Sarah, Duchess of York, just last year. Muick and Sandy, as the puppies are named, quickly become faithful companions to the Queen and her two dogs, a 15-year-old Dorgi named Candy, and a 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Lissy.

Naturally, following the news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing, dog lovers all over the world were wondering what will happen to her beloved dogs, now that she’s not around to care for them. A spokesperson for the Duke of York shed a light on the situation by notifying the public that Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Duchess Sarah, will be adopting Muick and Sandy to live with them at Windsor, a large country estate where they both live. Presumably, as they were the ones to gift the Queen the puppies in the first place, they are the ones to continue caring for them now that she’s gone.

As for the elderly Candy and the champion Lissy, it remains unclear what their fate will be. Surely, though, they will spend their remaining days as the Queen would want them to – surrounded by love and pampered like they were by her side. All that remains now is to wait and see which of the Queen family members will be the ones to provide that for these two pooches!

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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