Ditched at a Metallica Concert? Not Quite!

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
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Animal lovers around the world united in distress when word got out that a fan of rock group Metallica, had recently ditched their four-legged buddy at a Los Angeles concert venue. Found sitting comfortably yet solo in the SoFi Stadium’s upper levels, it appeared mix-breed Storm had been left to fend for herself after her owner departed the stadium.

When concerned concert-goers spotted the abandoned canine they contacted a local animal shelter that happily took the pooch in for the night and began a search for that wayward family of hers.

It didn’t take long for Storm’s concerned parents to learn of her excellent adventure and contact animal services to collect her. Of course, they had to convince staff their girl was loved and cared for but a few glimpses of their Facebook snaps confirmed Storm was a much-adored family member that could be released into their care.

This leads to how the heck she could have made her way into the venue in time to hear the last set from the band’s M72 World Tour. According to the family, Storm escaped their backyard and they figure she must have wandered on over to the nearby stadium, found doors open and strolled in.

Of course, social media blew up over this with many (likely non-pet-parents) arguing that no dog could make the trek into the arena on their own. Several skeptics even questioned whether it was a publicity/fund-raising stunt orchestrated by the shelter involved.

What I can tell you from personal experience is that my brother’s aging, blind Sheltie made its way out of his backyard, crossed several streets, and travelled at least six blocks to walk through the sliding doors of a local Home Depot store. Staff were able to contact my brother using the phone number on his pet’s dog collar. Lesson here? Always include your phone number on your pet’s tags. Even if micro-chipped, people are likelier to make a quick call to you than turn your pet over to a vet for scanning.

So, dogs will wander outside of their home environment and according to dog guru Cesar Milan, it is often down to boredom. It’s simply something to do and if they pick up the scent of food vendors, hear other dogs, and sense something more exciting than their backyard is taking place, they’ll find a way out.

But certain breeds are known escape artists including Beagles, Dachshunds, Boxers, and particularly Belgian Malinois who are described as smart, independent, and brave. And judging by the snaps taken of Storm… she may have a touch of the Mal in her and the wanderlust needed to head on over to take in the last of a concert.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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