High Energy Dogs Need High Energy Fuel

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

With an energetic dog, every day is filled with activities. This is one of many reasons why athletic dog breeds are often chosen by sporty, active pet parents and outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate a pet with whom they can share their active lifestyle and passion for fitness. Working dog breeds such as Herding Dogs like Shepherds and Collies; Trackers like Beagles and Bloodhounds; and Terriers like Jack Russell’s and Westies need high levels of active stimulation. Young dogs or generally athletic dogs need to be exercised daily to stay happy and healthy.

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However, it’s not only exercise your dog will need to thrive, but also a diet that supports their active lifestyle and gives them plenty of energy and strength to go about their daily adventures. Nutrition is essential for your pet’s wellbeing, and athletic dogs depend even more on their diet to fuel their bodies through all their daily activities. Whether it’s being your jogging buddy or hiking with you, or even playing fetch at the park, their bodies burn through calories much faster than a lap dog who prefers to cuddle on the couch.

How Do You Feed an Active Dog?

The first thing to keep in mind is protein. Protein is essential for active dogs as it promotes lean muscle growth and recovery, as well as provides fuel for their increased metabolic needs. This is why the food you choose for your athletic canine should have real meat as the first ingredient. Additionally, healthy fats should be included in the diet as they are energy-dense and will sustain your dog through exercise and improve their performance. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these are the only things to look for in a formula: essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 for joint health, mobility and skin and coat nourishment. And of course, vitamins, minerals, and fiber which all play an important role in your pet’s overall health.

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Going with a tailored formula for the needs of active dogs will be your best choice. We love Pro Plan Sport formulas because they are designed to meet the unique needs of athletic canines. Real meat is the first ingredient in Pro Plan Sport and combined with optimal fat levels, their formulas help fuel metabolic needs and maintain lean muscle. Their advanced nutrition for strength and stamina comes in wet or dry options and formulas suited for every life stage – puppy, adult, or senior – with carefully selected ingredients to support the specific needs of all ages. Enriched with 23 essential vitamins and nutrients, antioxidants, glucosamine, and essential fatty acids, it will support your dog’s overall health in addition to giving them a nutritional boost their body needs to sustain their active lifestyle.

In addition to the quality of formula you are feeding your active dog, you will also have to consider the schedule of feeding, as it’s different from that of sedentary canines. Active dogs should be fed twice a day, once before exercise and once after, which is why many pet parents opt for the morning and evening meal routine. Feeding before exercise is important because it will help your dog generate energy for their daily activities, and the meal that comes after that helps with muscle recovery. Split their recommended portion of food into two meals, and opt for a quality, fine-tuned formula for dogs with an active lifestyle, and you can rest assured that your pet’s nutrition will support their active lifestyle

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Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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