Fat Feline Gets Fit in the Pool and Gains a TikTok Following

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
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Tipping the scales at a hefty 25 pounds, an Edmonton-based tabby named Peaches was destined to live a life compromised by obesity-related health issues that had already manifested into diabetes. That was until his owner decided to take charge and help the fat feline shed those extra pounds.

Let’s start by mentioning that the average male cat should weigh between 10 and 15 pounds and while this would mean that poor Peaches would need to lose half his body weight, his vet was happy to see just a 4.5-pound reduction.

But what to do? Cut back on his food? Anyone who has ever had to deal with a hungry, impatient feline knows just how big a challenge putting said puss on a diet can be. I personally think the word “hangry” was explicitly penned to describe a ravenously hungry, oh-so-angry cat that’s waiting for his dinner.

Alas, despite owner Chastity Emes pleading his case - “He’s always been a big boy.” – the time had come to end Peaches' free-feeding lifestyle.

More than that…it was time to introduce a little activity into the life of this plump puss and that’s where the idea of his learning to swim came into the picture. Actually, taking him out for a daily walk was Emes first choice however she confirms “I had a harness for him and tried to get him out of the condo but we didn’t make it out of our hallway because he just kind of flopped over and decided it wasn’t going to happen.” Hey girl, been there, done that, and can confirm that an unwilling feline is the fluffy equivalent to dragging around 10 (or in this case 25) pounds of wet laundry.

Not discouraged, this persistent pet parent turned to a friend who worked at a local animal hydrotherapy clinic. Before you could say “Tender Vittles”, Peaches was suited up and ready to learn to paddle like a dog. Now, water temps are comfortably warm (32 degrees centigrade / 89 degrees Fahrenheit) and this type of activity is not only easy on the joints but it dilates blood vessels, improves circulation and reduces inflammation. All important factors for an overweight animal.

Plus, Peaches is in safe hands as he’s always accompanied in the pool by a handler who carries him to a platform, lets him swim back to help build cardio, and is ready to step in if needed. Vocal protests when he’s asked to push himself are respected and monitored by his vet to ensure these aquafit sessions aren’t over-stressing this big boy. 

Best of all, Peaches is not only showing the benefits of added activity on the scale side but he’s also picked up a TikTok fan following of over 33,000 who have been cheering him on since he began his fitness regimen. No pressure, right Peaches?

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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