Guinness World Record Holder, Bobi "Earns His Wings"

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

31-Year-Old Pooch Passes Away with Family by His Side

Photo Credit: Guinness World Records

It’s the saddest rite of passage any pet parent can know. But when you’ve lived with your pooch since his puppy days and he’s now passed the 31-year mark, it’s not only like losing a child but your childhood friend, sibling, and soulmate all at the same time.

Yes, Bobi the Portuguese mastiff who officially made it into the Guinness World Records book for his more-than-three-decade lifespan has “earned his wings” said his veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker. Born May 11th, 1992, this purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo lived the good life on his family’s farm in rural Portugal. And if a dog can leave a legacy, Bobi’s was to focus on the simple basics of well-being. This approach to daily life seems to be how this aging canine achieved his extraordinary health and per Becker, became a role model for millions of pet parents around the world.

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So, let’s think about it. We all know that it tends to be the smaller dogs that make it to the 20-year mark and with the lifespan of the average Rafaeiro do Alentejo dog ranging from a mere 12 to 14 years, how is it that Bobi was able to surpass the 30-year mark? What exactly was his key to a long, healthy life? No surprise that it came from getting plenty of exercise and regular vet check-ups. (Humans, take note!) But there is a “happiness” factor in all of this because keeping Bobi active and encouraging this free-roaming pooch to interact on a regular basis with other dogs in the village was also a big factor in him remaining social, engaged, and alert. The love of his devoted family was also important to his emotional well-being.

But as responsible pet owners, we also know that food quality is key to our pet’s health, right? Bobi’s family confirms that this determined little doggie noshed down on whatever he wanted from their vegetable garden and consumed only healthy, homemade foods prepped fresh daily by his dedicated human pack. No chemicals, preservatives or processed foods for this senior pooch (but methinks plenty of roughage!)

Add to all of the above a stress-free living environment with minimal noise pollution or exposure to those airborne chemicals most towns and cities seem to emit, and calm rural nights with zero light pollution and you have this pooch’s secret to having lived a long, healthy life.

Can any of us replicate this? Probably not, but if we can pick just a few nuggets of wisdom from Bobi’s life, he’ll have made a difference.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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