Missing Cat Reunited With Owner After 8 Years

Lisa Selvaggio
by Lisa Selvaggio

No pet parent wants to lose their furry best friend, especially since many lost dogs and cats never find their way back home. But rest assured that there are also plenty of lost pets who are found and reunited with the people they love. This story is one example. Even though it took a whopping eight years, a man was finally reunited with his missing cat.

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An Amazing Reunion

Back in December 2010, Johnny Goodman got a kitty named Pierre. Then, in 2015, while Pierre was staying with a family friend, he went missing.  

Although he searched for Pierre, Johnny lost hope after months passed without a sign of him, and he assumed that he’d never see him again. So, you can imagine his shock when he received a phone call in August 2023 and learned that his cat had been found after eight years.

How was Pierre saved? A good Samaritan took him to the Tacoma Humane Society. Because he’d been surviving on his own for so long, he had a few health concerns. The staff discovered that he was overheated and lethargic, and his fur was so matted that it needed to be shaved.

The Tacoma Humane Society also scanned Pierre to see if he had a microchip, and sure enough, he did. With the information they got from the microchip, they were able to contact Johnny and let him know that Pierre was safe.

Johnny hopes that his cat remembers him, even though he got the sense that Pierre wasn’t sure about him when they met again after so many years. As they spend more time together, they’ll get to know each other once more and surely become as close as they used to be.  

Here’s a video of Johnny and Pierre:

There Are Things You Can Do If Your Pet Goes Missing

If you lose a cat or dog, take action right away. In addition to searching for your companion, post about them on social media and forums so people can help you look for them. Put up flyers in the area to let others in your community know that your pet is missing. Also, contact animal shelters, rescues, and veterinarians in your area to find out if anyone has taken your pet there after finding them.  

Pierre has a place to call home again, and Johnny is grateful to have his cat back. He plans on taking good care of Pierre and his other kitty, Nemo, by making sure they’re comfortable and happy.

This heartwarming story is proof that, even when it seems hopeless, wonderful things can happen and lost pets can find their way back to their families.  

Lisa Selvaggio
Lisa Selvaggio

Lisa Selvaggio is a freelance writer and editor, and our resident cats-pert, with certifications in pet nutrition and pet first aid. She enjoys producing content that helps people understand animals better so they can give their pets a safe and happy home.

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