Follow Your Cat Wherever He Goes With Weenect Cat GPS

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Cats follow their curiosity – wouldn’t it be amazing if you could follow along with him? Thanks to the Weenect Cat GPS, now you can!

Okay, file this one under “why didn’t I think of this first?”

It seems a company out of France has figured out how to keep tabs on our tabbies. Yes, it’s a lightweight collar with not only GPS satellite tracking but – and this is the real kicker – a small microphone and speaker that let you talk to your wandering feline.

Now I don’t know if me telling Chico to “come home” will have any effect, but the word “treat” still carries clout and can flush him out from some of his better hide-outs. Crucial when I’m trying to lock up for the night and he’s playing Houdini.

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So who are these clever communications gurus? Weenect is a small Paris-based company that specializes in GPS assisted devices. Founded in 2013 by childhood friends Adrien Harmel and Ferdinand Rousseau, the term Weenect is now a worldwide reference for “family geolocation” and to date this burgeoning company has sold over 6 000 trackers including Weenect Kids (for children), Weenect Silver (for seniors), Weenect Pets (for dogs) and now Weenect Cats (for cats & small pets).

As with any new technology, it involves a smartphone app and web platform and at only 25 grams (approximately 1 ounce) and dimensions of less than 2 inches by 1 inch by ½ inch, the Wennect Cats is the smallest GPS tracker in the world. It can be clipped on to any collar or harness and the GPS chip & SIM card allow you to track your little guy directly from your smartphone.

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Since it works like a traditional GPS, through satellite reception, there is no maximum distance and your pet can’t roam out of range. You can also uncover your feline’s favorite haunts by retracing her steps through the history logs.

Kidding aside, I can recall when one of my felines disappeared without a trace for several days. Posters net a tip that he had been transported to a shelter in another city and a quick scramble reconnected us mere moments from euthanasia. In fact they told me I was too late when I first arrived! A lightweight collar such as this would have prevented a great deal of distress, potentially saved my pet’s life, and eliminated the hefty reward pay-out!

Talking financials, the unit cost ranges around $100 USD with delivery guaranteed by December 15 (got someone to cross off your Christmas list?). Subscription costs to activate the speaker phone are actually quite reasonable if you have a pet that regularly goes outdoors and is known to wander: approximately $34 USD for six months or $56 USD for the year. This fee allows the tracker to work in 80 countries worldwide without any extra costs. Though I’m not sure my Chico is up to crossing borders!

Cool features allow you to:

  • Set up custom warning messages: warning you when the cat enters or leaves a predefined zone (unlimited number of zones).
  • Tracking: map, compass or augmented reality (through your device’s camera) with real time monitoring.

If it just me or are you thinking “ET Call Home” too?

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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