Kickstarter Book Exposes Truth – Puppies Are Dicks!

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
Hilarious book warns dog lovers to stay away from puppies, and adopt a senior dog instead.

Chances are, if your product, service or company name makes me LOL, there’s a strong possibility you’re going to make it onto – especially if a portion of the proceeds are going to a worthy cause. Well, mission accomplished Eric Sims – your Kickstarter project to fund the “Puppies Are Dicks” book made me laugh so hard, I had a little puppy-like accident.

Inspired by his senior dog, Penny, Eric wants to educate everyone about why they should consider adopting an older pooch from a shelter, and not buying a puppy from dog store (where they get their puppies from a puppy mill) or a breeder. As Eric wisely states, if we continue to fund puppy mills by buying their puppies from stores and the like, it in turn makes us dicks. It’s a vicious dick-laden circle.

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Eric makes some valid points about his “Puppies are dicks” argument. Their cuteness distracts us from when they do something really crappy… like looking us right in the eye when they take a crap on our beds.

Okay, so maybe Eric doesn’t really think puppies are dicks, but he draws our attention to one undeniable fact – thousands (even millions) of senior dogs are overlooked due to their age, and they end up being put down. It’s not fair that they are overlooked because they’re older – when you think about it, senior dogs are WAY better then pups – they’re fun, loyal, loving and WAY easier to take care of than a puppy.

The Kickstarter goal has already been met and surpassed, which is amazing news. These funds are going to help get the book published, illustrated and distributed. He’d like to see it sold at places like Urban Outfitters, as that store it full of young people, pathetic aging hipsters can unite under one ironic parasol for this worthy cause. As well, a portion of sales will go to help senior dogs in shelters across the country.

Help Eric spread the word that older dogs are super awesome, puppy mills and stores that sell dogs suck. Don’t be a dick, like those puppies – help Eric get the word out by supporting his “Puppies Are Dicks” book. You’ll be able to purchase it on Kickstarter,,, and a few other bigger online sites, as well as

Treat yourself to a “puppy-like” accident and watch the official Kickstarter video below.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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