Flashback: The ’70s Are Back With The Light-Up Disco Dog Vest

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Travolta has nothing on Kickstarter’s Disco Dog project, a smartphone controlled LED dog vest.

Your pooch is going to light up (literally) when he sees what you’ve bought for him this time! Nope, it’s not another Chuckit. No again to that chew toy he’s been eyeing. This prezzie’s going to ensure your pooch is not just stylin’ but also stayin’ alive when you head out on the town for his nightly walk.

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Available through Kickstarter, Disco Dog is the world’s first smartphone controlled LED dog vest. A mobile app allows you to control the LEDs from a distance, and you can choose your own text mode, message, brightness and colours simply by typing into your smartphone. Best of all, if Rover decides you’re holding him back and he boogies off into the night, the lost connection will automatically cause the vest to flash a “Lost Dog” message to ensure he is highly visible and returned in a timely manner.

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The innovative pet project of design lab PARTY NYC, the vest is powered by a 3.7v lithium polymer battery and the LED grid and all electronics are removable so it can be safely washed.

Excited? Down boy! While a prototype has been developed, PARTY NYC are still tweaking the final product and are raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign that will help them refine the electronics, enhance the animations and develop a mass production plan.

Want to help them achieve their $15,000 goal? For a mere $5 donation you will be acknowledged on their website. A $95 donation will see both you and your canine side-kick in matching Disco Dog t-shirts and $300, $350 or $400 purchase will get you the actual LED vest for small-, medium- or large-sized dogs. Visit the Disco Dog Kickstarter page to donate or purchase.

So while you can’t turn back the clock, you can turn up the lights and boogie down with your disco-lovin’ dog.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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