Top 10 Best Winter Jackets for Dogs

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
To help you navigate through the numerous styles available, we’ve put together a list of ten best winter jackets for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Before you know it, we’ll be paws deep in snow and ice, so it’s only fair to start looking for proper dog winter gear on time. While some dogs, like Siberian Huskies or American Eskimo Dogs, have a rich fur that keeps them warm even in extreme climates, not all pooches do well in cold temperatures. To stay toasty and warm, they need a bit of help from their pawrents. This includes weather-appropriate dog booties and a winter jacket. No, it’s not (just) a fashion statement when you see a pooch strutting their stuff in a fashionable dog coat- it’s a matter of comfort above anything else. Best winter jackets for dogs combine attractive design with features that ensure that walks in the snow and below zero temperatures are pleasant for your chilly pooch. This will, of course, depend on your dog’s traits and the climate in your area.

Not all dog winter jackets are made alike, and that’s perfectly fine. A Golden Retriever might do well with a windbreaker vest when it’s freezing outside but a petite Chihuahua will definitely need more padding and warmth than that. That’s why there is a variety of different winter jackets for dogs to choose from. From fleece-lined, to waterproof, to down-padded, and so on- no matter what type of coverage you need, you can find it. Of course, having too many choices can be a bit overwhelming, so it’s important to have some basic pointers.

The most important thing when choosing a winter jacket for your dog is getting their measurements right. If the coat doesn’t fit properly, it will all be for naught. Too tight or too loose and the garment will be unusable in the wintertime. Once you are sure you got the measurements down correctly, pay attention to the fabrics and materials. While cute designs might tempt you, give the advantage to warm, insulating materials and those that are water-resistant or waterproof if you live in an area that sees a lot of snow in the winter. The quality of the make is also important- you don’t want the whole thing to fall apart after washing, or worse yet, after a few wears. Make sure that the winter jacket you chose for your pooch won’t be a hassle to put on and that you can safely wash it when it gets dirty in the winter mud. Our convenience is one of the most important factors, whether you want to admit it or not.

If your pooch doesn’t have a thick fur coat, you’ll have to step up and get them a winter jacket. Similarly, senior dogs and puppies might experience the cold more intensely, as well as dogs that don’t have enough fat to keep them warm or breeds that originate from warm climates (e.g. the Havanese). To help you navigate through the numerous styles available, we’ve put together a list of ten best winter jackets for dogs of all shapes and sizes. You can’t go wrong with any of these, as we’ve only included high-quality, durable, stylish, and overall good value for money winter jackets for dogs.

Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Jacket

This is the ultimate winter coat. If you live in a climate that has freezing winters, it can be hard finding a warm, rugged coat for your pooch that won’t be bulky and restrict their movement. Hurtta features unique foil lining material that isn’t thick but it reflects with your pet’s bodily temperature to make them warm and toasty even in subzero temperatures. The outer layer of the jacket is waterproof. This extreme weather dog jacket protects your pooch’s back, chest, neck and a great deal of their butt, but that’s not all- it also boasts a high collar and a warming tricot hood that can be pulled over their ears for a more snug feeling. Hurtta comes in 9 different sizes and 5 designs.

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PetRageous Designs Calgary Dog Coat

Who said that stylish and comfortable don’t go hand in hand? This fashionable two-tone coat is waterproof, windproof, and makes sure your pooch is not chilly when the temperatures drop. The triple-layer design is ideal for harsh weather, so if you want something lightweight and rugged, Calgary coat is an excellent choice. Additionally, this winter jacket for dogs is designed to be super practical for walks in the snow or low temperatures, as it has an opening in the neck to attach the leash to a collar, or if you use a harness- a two-way zipper on the back that lets the clasp of the leash through without letting the cold in.

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Gooby Padded Vest

Warm and cute, this water-resistant padded vest features poly filling and fleece lining, making for a truly warm winter jacket. The vest design allows for freer movement, especially when it comes to going potty, as the belly is uncovered. The zipper closure in the back is also a much-appreciated feature of the Gooby winter jacket, as it makes dressing up as easy as it gets! Plus, it features a leash attachment on the back, so you’ll be able to attach a leash directly to the jacket if it suits you. The only downside of this affordable winter dog jacket is that it can’t be washed in the washing machine- spot cleaning only.

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PetBoBo Doggie Down Jacket

If your furry fashion blogger only wears the latest trend, this down jacket for dogs will certainly be up to his standards. A replica of popular human jacket styles, PetBoBo is absolutely adorable on doggos- from the faux fur trim on the hood to the cute pocket on the back of the jacket. Of course, it’s not just the style that got this winter jacket on our list- it is also very warm (I know, down- duh). The shell is water-resistant and very rugged, and the inner lining is a soft-fleece like material. Your pooch will feel like he’s enveloped in a soft, warm hug whenever wearing this cute little number!

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PetRageous Designs Kodiak Coat

Not many styles look flawless on a toy dog and a gentle giant- Kodiak coat is one of the rare ones that look stunning on every shape and size. Fashionable protection from the elements, this winter jacket for dogs is waterproof, windproof, and will withstand any weather. The high-denier nylon shell prevents cold from penetrating and the poly-fill and the inner fleece lining keep your pooch warm and snug. This coat is easy to put on thanks to the fuzzy fasteners and boasts reflective stitching for night-time safety. The attractive plaid design comes in different color combos, including grey, red, blue, and green.

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Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat

If a coat makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a blanket while in a blizzard, it’s doing a good job. This machine-washable blanket coat looks like most others on the outside, as it has a water-resistant shell, but the secret is in the lining that’s made from a soft and warm blanket. You can wear it both sides up though- on days when you don’t need that extra warmth near your dog’s skin just flip the sides. Neck and belly Velcro closures make dressing up an effortless task and your pooch will be ready for a walk in seconds! There are plenty of designs to choose from, too, with 8 shell colors available.

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Ultra Paws Fleece-Lined Reflective Comfort Coat

The fiber-fill liner that’s covered with soft fleece will keep the chill at bay and your pooch will feel snug as a bug even when it’s snowing outside. Dubbed Comfort Coat with good reason, this cozy warm winter jacket for dogs has extended chest protection and reaches all the way to the tail, to cover as much of your dog’s body as possible without restricting movement. The shell is waterproof and does well in windy conditions. Additionally, the coat has a high collar to protect your pooch’s neck from biting cold.

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PetRageous Designs Stowe Puffer Coat

Is your city dog too cool for school? Flaunt it with this puffer coat that looks like it came straight from the runway (not to say catwalks) and right into your pet’s closet. The quilted, water-repellent outer shell mimics the styles popular with pet pawrents themselves, so you might be twinning with your pooch in this winter jacket! Poly-filled fleece lining and a warm hood keep your pupper toasty, dry, and cozy in the freezing cold. Plus, this coat is safe to machine wash and dry, so you won’t have to worry about your pooch ruining it after a few muddy adventures.

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Kurgo Reversible Winter Coat for Dogs

Two designs for the price of one dog jacket? That’s a deal that’s hard to pass up! Kurgo winter jacket for dogs is fully reversible, so you can switch things up a little bit without having to spend money on a second piece for your dog’s wardrobe. Thanks to microtomic ripstop material, this jacket is lightweight yet tough, and it will not be easily worn out. Even though this is a warm, water-resistant winter jacket for dogs, it might be a better choice for regular winter conditions- when it’s biting cold outside, you need something with a fuzzy lining and thicker fill.

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PETCEE Waterproof Dog Jacket

Rain or snow, this warm winter jacket will keep your pupper dry and warm. The fully waterproof shell will work even in a downpour, and the fuzzy fleece lining ensures warmth and coziness- essential for the chillier months of the year. The PETCEE also boasts a couple of useful features such as reflective piping, broad velcro stripe and elastic chest, as well as “steady rope”- a ribbon that loops over your pooches tail to make sure that the jacket stays in place.

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