Top 10 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

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You can tell that the holidays are upon us – we’ve started donning our tackiest apparel, holding a contest to see which of us has the worst taste. Don’t leave your dog out of this gaudy spectacle! We’ve gone online shopping and picked out these 10 ugly dog Christmas sweaters for your pooch to slip into.

Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs: New York Dog

Are your pooch’s peeing habits earning him a spot on Santa’s bad boy list? Why not flaunt it to the world, then? For your special snowflake, dress him up in this ugly Christmas sweater with embroidered snowflakes and a depiction of how the “mystical” yellow snow is made. The New York Dog Ugly Holiday Sweater for Pets is a great gift for dog owners with a good sense of humor- and mischievous pets. Available in 5 sizes- from extra small to extra large. The embroidered details, real buttons, and textured appliques really make this ugly sweater look high-end.

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Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs: KOOLTAIL

Is it a friendly Llama? A cute unicorn? A mythical winged pegasus? An angel Llamacorn? Who cares! It’s ugly as heck, so you have to put it on your pooch, obviously. KOOLTAIL Christmas Ugly Dog Sweater makes a great conversation starter, as everyone is bound to struggle trying to guess what kind of festive creature decorates it- which won’t stop anybody from trying to get it right. Made from soft acrylic yarn, it will be comfy and warm to wear, too. This funky dog sweater is available in small, medium, and large.

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Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs: PUPTECK
With this camouflage sweater, your doggo could be pulling the sleighs and fooling Santa while he’s at it! The dull brown starts to make sense once you put on the hood and see a pair of antlers on your pupper’s head- and it makes for great festive photographs. Gotta love those Insta-worthy ugly Christmas sweaters! PUPTECK Christmas Dog Hooded Sweater comes in small and medium size. This warm and soft sweater with a hood is perfect for cold weather–it will keep your pooch toasty from ears to tail!

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Mitten Scarf Dog Sweater

Does your dog keep losing his mittens? Problem solved – the Dogo Mitten & Scarf Dog Sweater keeps them right on his butt! Where they should be, naturally. And for an added touch, the scarf applique is three-dimensional, for that realistic feel that only the finest ugly sweaters flaunt. Available in 6 sizes- extra extra small to extra large. The convenient leash hole at the back is a nice touch–so your dog can flaunt this ugly sweater on walks, too.

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Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs: HAPEE

If you like elf on the shelf, you’ll love this adorably ugly sweater! With your pooch dressed up as an elf following you around the house, you won’t need an additional reminder to behave yourself. Who knows, this year, you could avoid a lump of coal- and get on Santa’s good side. HAPEE Dog Sweater Christmas Elf Sweater is available in extra small, small, medium, and large. The acrylic material feels pleasant on the skin (or fur, to be precise) and will keep your pooch warm and cozy.

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Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs: Frisco

In case you live in an area where Christmas doesn’t mean snow and subzero temperatures, it doesn’t have to mean you can’t dress up your pooch for the fun of it. This festive ugly Christmas t-shirt is a much more convenient option for those pets that don’t get to experience the winter magic- but still want to join in on the holiday fun. Besides, you gotta love the witty message! Frisco “Dear Santa, Define Good” Dog Shirt is available in 6 sizes that range from extra small to extra extra large. The shirt is made from a lightweight breathable cotton-polyester blend that won’t overheat your pooch in the name of looking cute for the Christmas party!

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Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs: Aiwind

You might have taken your pet’s balls from him, but he can still show off a pair- with their new ugly Christmas sweater. The elf-inspired look is complete with a collar with big red pom-poms that steals the spotlight- and will look fantastic on your family’s festive pictures. Everyone will love the  Aiwind Christmas Dog Sweater With Ball Collar comes in 5 sizes- from extra small to large. It’s made from premium acrylic yarn and can be worn to the dog park, too–if you want to make other pooches green with envy, of course.

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Zack Zoey-elements-antler-sweater

You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and… Rover? Zack & Zoey want to introduce to the newest addition to Santa’s sled lineup, via the Elements Antler Sweater. Spoiler alert: it’s your good boy. The knitted antlers make this sweater pop and give your pooch an ever more adorable look with just one simple movement: hood on for instant cuteness! The acrylic yarn is warm, but not too much: great if you want your pet cozy and not panting like mad. Available in 6 sizes that go from extra extra small to extra large. 

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Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs: Frisco Llama

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so why not show it with this caroling Llama sweater? Cute, warm, and with a hole for a leash, this ugly sweater is perfect to wear during the holidays, whether it’s to a Christmas party or on a walk to the park. And not only that your four-legged caroller will be in his best festive edition, but he’ll also be comfy and warm too in this acrylic yarn. Frisco “Fa La La Llama” Dog Sweater comes in 6 different sizes to accommodate all pooches, from size extra small to extra extra large.

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Pet Life LED Lighting Hands-Up-Santa Sweater Pet Costume

Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs: Pet Life
Does it get more garish and tick than an ugly Christmas sweater that has built-in LED lights? I don’t think so. If you really want to take it up a notch and have your pooch be in the center of attention wherever he goes, you can’t go wrong with this one. Warm and comfy, this hoodie is great for outdoor and indoor wear both. Pet Life LED Lighting Hands-Up-Santa Sweater Pet Costume is available in extra small, small, medium, and large.

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