Top 10 Best Guard Dogs

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Top 10 Best Guard Dogs

For many people, a dog is more than just a pet – a dog can be a companion, a friend and even a security measure for your home and family. While many dogs are likely to be a little protective of their families, some are simply too friendly and willing to cozy up to strangers to serve well as a guard dog. We’ve made a list of some of the best breeds to use as a guard dog.

What Makes a Great Guard Dog?

Before you start looking into specific breeds, it may be useful to learn a little bit about what makes a good guard dog. Good guard dogs will be very loyal and devoted to their family – they may even be protective to the point of becoming aloof or standoffish around strangers. The best guard dogs should have natural protective instincts, likely to sound the alarm if someone unfamiliar to them attempts to enter the house or set foot on the property. Here are our picks for best guard dogs. (Photo credit: Denisa Doudova/Shutterstock)