The Loving Bowl Puts A New Slant On The Way Dogs Eat

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How can you improve on the design of the average dog bowl? “You can’t,” you reply. “It’s a bowl – how are you going to improve on it? Add on laser beams?” Okay, I have to admit, the laser beam upgrade is pretty cool and I’d be willing to pay for that. I’m thinking more along the lines of how to make food more accessible to your dog, while cutting down on mess and chance of bloat. It’s a good thing that The Loving Bowl thought of a way to make all of this happen, because frankly, I’m still stuck on the laser beam idea (PEW! PEW!).

the-loving-bowl-oscarMeet The Loving Bowl – it’s dinnerware for your flat-faced dog or cat (also referred to as brachycephalic breeds). Anyone with a smoochy face pet knows the difficulties they have to deal with when it comes to eating. Thanks to the shorter muzzle, it’s harder to get at the kibble in the bowl, as it’s lying flat on the bottom of the bowl. But The Loving Bowl added a few modifications – they made the bowl over-sized and they gave it a simple slope.

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With its over-sized feeding area, The Loving Bowl’s design offers an always-exposed slope that pets instinctively know how to use (Oscar picked it up in just a few tries – some dogs may take a little longer than others). Pets can maneuver their kibble from the bottom of the bowl to the slope, where they can grasp their food with ease. The 45-degree allows your pet to separate his food in the bowl, while enjoying a comfortable feeding position.

This means no more dropping kibble on the floor – seriously, it’s like finding a kibble trail to Oscar’s hiding spots with the old bowl. Now, he eats his food where he’s meant to… at his bowl! It also comes with a dip at the front of the bowl, which allows for a pet to effortlessly reach his food without overextending his neck and fighting gravity. Other bonuses: The Loving Bowl can help with digestion issues; cut down on gas and bloat; slows down the eating process; and keeps your pet’s face clean.

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The Loving Bowl is made from a high quality ABS food grade plastic and is best suited for dogs and cats between 10 to 24 lbs. There’s a new stainless steel version that’ll be available this summer, and it’s designed for dogs 25 lbs. and up. It comes in three colors (white, pink and blue) and sells for $29.99. You can order yours online at The Loving Bowl website.