10 Beguiling Beagle Baubles

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Beagles have a way of turning your frown upside down with their sweetness. Keep those happy thoughts with you wherever you go with these adorable Beagle baubles.

1. Passport Cover

Despite being miles away, you’ll always have your favorite breed in close proximity thanks to this adorable passport protector.

2. Mini Blackboard

Everyday tasks are easier to remember when you jot them down on this Beagle-shaped blackboard.

3. Bobblehead

The work day suddenly looks much brighter with this Beagle bobblehead. No matter what you say, he’s always in agreement!

4. Sticky Notes

Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind one bit if the words “see me in my office” were on this sweet-as-heck Beagle sticky note.

5. Bowtie

This dapper bow tie makes saying “I love my dog…but fashion as well” easy as pie.

6. Purse

You may want to keep this Beagle-stamped purse close to your body, as it’s design is reason enough for it to get snatched right out of your hands!

7. Pen

All work and no Beagles makes writing pretty dull. Make every word count with this gorgeous pen with cartoon Beagles all over it.

8. Swarovski Crystal Beagle

If you have a friend who loves Beagles and all things shiny, this spectacular Beagle-shaped Swarovski crystal is the perfect gift for them.

9. Bag

This string bag printed with a Beagle pattern is reserved for doggy treats, collars, leashes, and whatever else your pooch demands.

10. Mailbox Topper

When the rabbits can’t take a hint, this mailbox topper makes it clear what’ll happen if they hop on your property.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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