11 Pawsome Cyber Monday Pet Deals

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Here’s hoping you caught some of our awesome Black Friday finds, but if you didn’t, don’t fear! It’s Cyber Monday to the rescue for you and your furry family members! Here are some of the most awesome finds!

These Santa's cookies are delicious Cyber Monday treats1. Santa’s Cookies Dog Treats. These delicious morsels aren’t even close to a splurge at these deals, and particularly when you figure that your pup will go wild over Bocce’s Bakery limited ingredients treats! They’re delicious and with limited ingredients? Sure to set right with holiday dogs everywhere! Just be sure these are for the pups–because Santa might want a few, they’re so yummy!

This Snoozer Cozy bed will keep your pet snug as a bug2. Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed. I’m pretty sure that your dog will know he’s on the “Nice” list if he gets to cuddle up in this cozy bed! Snoozer knows that your pooch will love his own cozy, comfy den and the soft Sherpa material will let him know he’s loved and protected all year round!

Every dog will want a darth vader pillow for the holidays3. Star Wars Throw Pillow. Nothing says, “Merry Christmas!” like giving your pet a throw pillow so that the force can always be with him! This buddy is the baddest of them all, and with the cozy blankie to go with, your pup will be hanging with the cream of the Jedi crop.

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This Chewbaca cat toy will make your cat lose her mind!4. Chewbacca Big Head Cat Toy And since Star Wars and holidays are practically synonymous (you know they are!), we can’t let our favorite felines feel left out! That’s why you have to get them the Chewbacca Big Head Cat Toy. One look at that bad boy and you know that Chewy won’t last long around any kitteh who sets their sights on him!

This smart pet feeder will make feeding your dog a breeze5. PetNet SmartFeederTalk about genius (and at a great price too)!! The PetNet Smart Feeder not only automatically feeds your pets the exact portion they should eat based on age, weight and activity level, but it thinks for you too! When you’re low on food, it knows and will have food delivered directly to your door just in time for the next meal! Seriously makes feeding a no-brainer!

This PetCube allows your pet to contact you!6. PetCube Play. Spun off from the PetCube Camera, the PetCube Play lets you interact with your pet when you’re not there with wi-fi antennae and bluetooth set-up. You can check in on your pet and talk to them, but better yet, your pet can even contact you with sound and motion alerts! Yes, even your pet can do it…and they’ll love it!

These delicious treats are good for your pets too!7. Pawsitively Grourmet Paw Snowflake TrufflesThese carob and yogurt covered holiday delights are sure to make your pup know that the homefires are burning. They alternate between pawprints of love and snowflakes, and they’re low in fat, high in fiber and high in satisfaction among pooches everywhere. They’ll never even know they’re a healthy treat, they look so naughty!

These polar bear PJs will keep your dog cozy in bed.8. Polar Bear Dog Pajamas. We are so glad to see retailers understand that pets are part of the family, and as such, they are getting to join the whole world in how its lost its mind over holiday pajamas! I mean, these Polar Bear Dog pajamas from Muttropolis are divine, and your pooch will have visions of sugarplums dancing through his head for sure. Be sure to enter code BIG25 at checkout for super Cyber Monday savings.

You'll have the best dressed for night puppy on the block with these pjs.9. Gingerbread Dog TeeAnother Muttropolis masterpiece, this Gingerbread Dog Tee will have every holiday party goer envious with the obvious fashion statement. Cozy cotton makes these the season’s mutt-haves, and again, be sure to enter code BIG25 at checkout for extra savings!

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This smart collar will let you keep tabs on your pet at all times!10. Link Smart Dog CollarRun for the mega savings on this Link Smart Dog Collar! These things rarely go on sale, and it’s because they are always in such high demand! The LINK’s service plan will offer complimentary access to the Pet Poison Helpline, as well as alerts when your dog is outside a safe zone. You’ll always know where your pup is with GPS tracking on AT & T’s network and you can even keep track of your dog’s temp.  About the only thing this collar doesn’t do is pick up poop, but if it did, what fun would be left for you? Seriously, grab this before it’s gone!

A blacklight will help you clean messes up for good.11. Blacklight Flashlight. Okay, I’m one of those people. I take a blacklight with me nearly everywhere, and always to hotels! You just never know…but you know what it’s also great for? Catching those ‘accident’ spots that you may not even know exist, or making sure that you get all of an accident cleaned up without a doubt. Trust me, you’d be shocked to see what you couldn’t see before, and at this Cyber Monday price, this baby needs to be in everyone’s stocking!