10 Best Harnesses For Shorkies

Shorkies are a mix of a Shih Tzu and Yorkie, and not prone to be big pullers because they are so small. That said, because they are so small and fragile, any pull on their neck could potentially cause a problem and so many Shorkie owners choose to go with harnesses for their dog. Here are the best ten harnesses for Shorkies we’ve found.

This is a great mesh harness for Shorkies

1. Coastal Pet Mesh Step-In. This step-in mesh harness from Coastal Pets is perfect for dogs under five pounds, and that most likely is your Shorkie. It has breathable mesh padding for comfort and comes in an assortment of colors.

This camo harness is a great option for a tuff Shorkie

2. Voyager Padded Step-In. Your Shorkie may be tiny but don’t tell him he’s not tough. Let him roar in this camo patterned mesh step-in from Voyager. It’s lined for comfort and has protection in velcro closure and d-rings for leashing.

This combo leash and harness set is a great selection for a Shorkie

3. PetePet Harness and Leash Combo. If you’d like to make sure your Shorkie matches in all the things, you might prefer a harness/leash combo like this one from PetePet. It’s adorable and made specially for small puppies, so it’ll comfortably fit. It’s a step in, so easy on and off.

This cotton harness has a bell so you'll always know where your Shorkie is

4. DiDog Adjustable Harness. We love this little diddy from DiDog–an adjustable vest with padding for comfort for your Shorkie. The sweet cotton pattern is soft and we love the little bell attached so your Shorkie will make an entrance wherever he/she goes!

This harness from Selmai is adorable for Shorkies

5. Selmai No Pull Harness. This adorable padded polka dot harness oozes charm and fashion and also keeps your Shorkie’s delicate neck protected with the double-o ring for the leash in the back. This one is for the tiniest of the tiny–one to two pounds, and hard to find for those little bitties.

Princess Shorkies will love this harness

6. Expawlorer Checkered Frills Harness. This padded vest harness is an easy in and out and the cute checkered pattern is sure to make your Shorkie a show stopper wherever she goes. It’s adjustable, so small enough for the smallest to large of the Shorkies.

These harnesses are made from recycled water bottles

7. Ecobark Small Harness. We love that these harnesses for all sizes are made from recycled water bottles and that they come in all kinds of beautiful colors. They make the extra small specifically for dogs in the four-pound range and they’re an easy wrap with tons of padding for your pooch.

This is a basic harness for Shorkies

8. Pawtitas Teacup Harness. This basic nylon step in harness is perfect for a teacup breed like Shorkie, and does a great job of keeping your pup safe and protecting her neck while allowing you to walk about and train. It comes in several sizes and colors and is easy to care for in the wash.

These plaid harnesses leave your Shorkie dapper

9. Puptech Plaid Harness. Your Shorkie will be painting the town plaid in this fun plaid, padded harness vest from Puptech. It’s a step in, and easy double harness strap in the back but provides plenty of comfort wherever you’re going.

This tux harness is adorable for Shorkies

10. AlfiePet Houndstooth Tux Harness. We love this houndstooth (get it?) harness from AlfiePet! It’s adorable, padded for protection and comfort and step-in for easy on and off. The tux bow kills us and will make sure that your Shorkie is best dressed on the block!