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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

LED dog collars make sure your pet is visible from afar even when it’s pitch black outside–they are a must-have for night-time walks. Read on to learn more about these dog collars and how to pick the best one for your pet!

While having a dog definitely makes your life better, it doesn’t change the fact that with a four-legged companion also comes great responsibility. Even on your daily walks, you’ll have to be vigilant–if you lower your guard for even a minute, your pupper can get himself in all sorts of troubles. They can run off, rummage around trash, chase other dogs, or even harass a passerby. And as a responsible and caring owner that you are, you want to do your absolute best to prevent this and ensure your pet is safe and always under your control. That means that you’ll have to walk your pet on a leash if you want to make sure they are always within your reach and firmly in your grip- no room for mishaps and accidents if you’re there to keep them in line. You might prefer a collar or a dog harness at the end of the leash- it usually boils down to the owner’s preference, but whatever you choose, you should still include a collar on your pet, for safety reasons. In case of an accident, you’d want your pet’s ID tag to be easily visible and what better way to display them then on the collar? Additionally, the right choice of a dog collar can also help with night visibility.

In the dark, your pet might not be as easily noticeable to drivers of vehicles or other people walking in your direction with their own dog, so it’s important to have something on them that will make them stand out in low visibility conditions. This is where LED dog collars come into play. LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode ” and that’s precisely what gives these collars their unparalleled visibility in the dark. They will shine bright and far, making it absolutely impossible for anyone to miss your pooch on the road, no matter if it’s pitch black outside. Even if your pet happens to get away from you while you walk (accidents happen too often, after all), at least they will be easy to spot which will minimize their chance of being hit by a car. Also, it’ll help you spot them–and catch them before they get into some trouble!

While all LED dog collars share one common trait- and that’s, as the name suggests, the built-in lightning that makes your dog visible in the dark–there are still many important differences that could influence your choice. To help you figure out which LED dog collars will work best for your pet and give you the best value for money, we’ve rounded up the most popular choices on the market–you can’t go wrong with any of the items from our list!


This modern LED collar boasts one of the best designs on the market. Easy to use and great for visibility, the BSEEN collar is an affordable and efficient solution. The first thing to mention is the sizing – simply cut the LED tube to measure and reinsert it into the small hub and ensure a perfect fit for any pooch. The collar is lighted completely, giving better visibility, and it comes in four different colors. It is also fully rechargeable – simply connect it with a USB cable and you’re set. With a touch of the central button, you can choose from the three following modes: slow or fast flashing, and glow. Perfectly adaptable to every circumstance!

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

One of the highest quality designs on the market, this Illumiseen collar is durable and fully adjustable as well. It is made from high-quality, thick nylon fabric, into which double LED tubes are incorporated. These can be utilized in three distinct modes – steady, or rapid and slow flashes. In either mode, the collar will make your pet perfectly visible. You can choose from a variety of colors, with the neon ones being the brightest. It too is USB rechargeable, and the battery can last for quite a while. A thing to note is the fact that the Illumiseen brand also offers illuminated leashes that can go perfectly with this collar. That way you can really make sure your pooch stands out in the dark!

Nite Beams LED Pet Collar

Nite Beams is an advanced, robust design that combines a tough material with a superb LED system. The first thing you will notice is the especially thick and sturdy, extra-wide collar, perfectly suited for medium and large breeds. Even though it lacks USB charging, and is battery operated, it still boasts long life and superb display of light. The collar is easily spotted from as far as 1400 feet! The collar is made from durable high-grade nylon fabric and has a clasp for adjustment, and a security clasp for quick release.

Red Dingo Lumitube Illuminated Dog Safety Collar

This innovative design offers an efficient solution with a really simple look. The LED tube is cut to fit – that way you are certain it will fit your pupper. The lights are distributed all throughout the tube, and they are connected to a central housing – this is waterproof and highly durable. It is both flexible and tough. Sadly, it is powered with a single AAA battery. While this is by no means an issue, it is less convenient than a USB charger. Either way, it is a very good choice overall.

Penn-Plax American Red Cross LED Necklace

The American Red Cross offers this illuminated necklace for extra safety in all situations – with a design that is fit for rescue dogs. This extra sturdy, high-quality necklace has a few strong points – such as the extra tough nylon material. The LED hub is made from hard plastic and houses an extra bright LED light, which is also USB rechargeable. It also has added reflective thread to, even more, emphasize the collar in the dark. The tube is cut to fit and attaching it is as simple as possible. With their motto of “Always Ready” the Penn-Plax managed to deliver an extra safe, professional collar for use in all conditions.

Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar

This dog collar is both waterproof and made from tough and durable material- which is not something many LED dog collars can boast with. Blazin’ Safety LED collar is made from strong nylon fabric, extra wide for sturdier fit and a string of LED lights is embedded in the center of the collar. It can be charged from any device and has a strap for easy adjustment. A quick-release clasp makes it easy to detach when needed. A quality collar with a lifetime guarantee!

MASBRILL Light Up LED Safety Collar

The MASBRILL Light Up LED Safety Collar will keep your pet safe during your early morning or evening walks. It is made with high quality, flat optical fibers that help make it more visible. It is rechargeable so that you aren’t wasting additional money on expensive batteries. A single charge holds for about 10 hours continuously if fully charged.

The MASBRILL Light Up LED Safety Collar is also completely weather-proof and rust-proof. Made with polyester webbing, it is lightweight, strong, and durable even in tough climate conditions. You don’t have to worry about it getting wet or starting to rust on your precious pooch, which makes it great for any environment. The LED lights can also be changed to three different modes for increased visibility: fast flash, steady flat, and constant flash. You can change the modes for the appropriate weather and visibility conditions so that your dog is more easily visible to other people and vehicles. They also come in a variety of colors such as blue, red, pink, purple, orange, and green.

Carhartt Lighted Collar

Here is a slightly different, but still suitable entry to the list of LED lighted collars. Unlike other collars, it doesn’t have an all-round LED arrangement, but instead, its light is concentrated on a single quick-release clasp. Bright LEDs in a single point still offer more than adequate visibility in most conditions, so if you dislike flashiness of LED dog collars but still want their safety benefits, this is the one to go for. The collar is made from sturdy, stitched nylon fabric, and is fully adjustable. Its LED light has a bright red color and three different modes of operation. Moreover, its three-row stitching is made from reflective material for extra visibility.


At first glance, this Holdall collar might not look like a lot – but its quality and the features are more than satisfying. Made from thick nylon fabric, with hard plastic connection points, it is fully adjustable. This collar also has a fully protected LED tube all around and is one of the brightest collars on the market. It comes with a USB cable and is easily charged via a port.

Woody & Winni LED Glowing Collar

Your pup’s safety is paramount but if their personal style is close second, you’re going to want to take a look at this leather design LED collar from Woody & Winni. The two different designs — blue bones print and red bones print — are adorable. The light up LED tube being the design is crafted to keep your pet safe in dark conditions, like early morning walks or evening walks. It provides high visibility while also being super cute.

The Woody & Winni LED Glowing Collar is also completely rechargeable with the use of a USB cable. It will run for 4 to 6 hours on a single 40 minute charge. There are three glowing modes which include a fast flashing light, a slow flashing light, or a constant light. Modes are easily changed by the push of the button, allowing you to adapt to the needs of your environment. The Woody & Winni LED Glowing Collar is also waterproof and rustproof so your pup can wear it in any weather conditions. The PU leather, nylon webbing, and optical fiber makes it durable and safe for your dog to wear. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit every pup, too.

Key features to consider in LED dog collars

Good quality is key and it’s the same for LED dog collars – it ensures long usage, better visibility, and a stylish look for your dog. Of course, quality collars also need to be durable and waterproof, and to have a long life of the LED’s that are built-in in it. Combining all of these features into a single product is always a challenge – but it’s one we were up to, as all of the LED dog collars we’ve listed are all-around great choices.

Ideally, these types of collars have to suit different types of dog breeds – and that can be tough to achieve. Large breeds often require thick, durable, and robust collars with strong stitching and heavy-duty clasps. Combining these aspects with the efficiency of the LED lights is no easy task. On the other hand, small breeds often need just lightweight basic collars – and LED dog collars are a perfect fit in that case. In the end, it’s easy to see that there are many factors to consider before making a purchase- here are the most important ones:


Durability is easily one of the most important features to look out for when purchasing a dog collar – both LED and regular. A lot can depend on the quality of the collar, and that means the fabric should not be overlooked. Cheap nylon fabric collars or soft plastic LED ones won’t stand the test of strength – after a bit of rowdy fun in the outdoors, they can show signs of wear and tear. When it comes to LED collars, rubber is often used – it is a safe and sturdy solution, that is both strong and comfortable to wear, and also protects the built-in lights.

Water resistance

Every dog loves a good splash – be it a puddle, pond, or a lake. But this means that your LED collar will need to be adequately protected – otherwise its life will be quite short. Having a waterproof LED collar also means that you won’t have to pay special attention when you decide to give your pet a quick bath to cool off in those hot summer evenings.

Size and adjustability

When it comes to LED dog collars, several different options are available on the market. Some basic models offer you the option to personally cut the collar to measure, while others come in pre-designed sizes. Either way, you should pay extra attention to the size and adjustability as well. Collars that can’t be adjusted might quickly become too tight – especially if your pup is growing. On the other hand, adjustable collars give you a lot of flexibility, making them last much longer.

Brightness and color

For an LED collar, this comes as the most important aspect of all. The brightness of the LED lights varies from insignificant to dazzling, after all. And the brighter the light, the easier it is to spot your pooch, which is the whole purpose of the LED dog collars. Some collars offer different colors as well, and that way you can easily distinguish your own pet from the others, and not confuse the collar with some random bright light in the distance.

Benefits of LED dog collars

Owners that never had experience with accessories such as these might be wondering if they need this gadget in the first place. There are also those owners who learned about the LED collars the hard way – their pet got into trouble, which got them thinking about additional safety measures that they can take on walks. Regardless of which group you belong to, learning more about the benefits of LED dog collars will help you find out if this nifty accessory is something your pet actually needs.

The first and foremost advantage of dog collars with lights is that they make your pooch more visible in low light conditions. This may be during a walk in the evening or early in the morning- you might need to take your pooch out at night, too, and that makes visibility a priority. In the dark, drivers might find it difficult to spot a dog until it’s too late, and other dog owners walking their pets might also need a heads up that another furball is coming their way- especially if their dog is timid or aggressive. Some dog owners rely on reflective stitching to make their pet stand out in the dark, but it’s not always enough: and with bright LED lighting, there’s no room for doubt when it comes to visibility, as you’ll be able to see your pet from far away with ease.

Secondly, walking with what’s essentially a flashlight on four legs will make it easier for you to walk in the dark without tripping over something or failing to see a dangerous obstacle in your way. An LED collar will light the way and make sure that the road ahead of you is clear and bright, regardless of the time.

Lastly, an LED dog collar can end up being a life-saving accessory in case of unexpected and unfortunate situations. Too often, a dog can break away from their leash, either out of fear or curiosity, and that’s when all hell breaks loose- as you’re trying to catch your pooch before he gets hurt or lost. Pawrents who have been in such situations before know that it can all happen in a split second and that it’s incredibly stressful. With a bright LED collar around your pet’s neck, though, spotting them will be easier and you’ll have an easier time catching them than you would without these tiny yet important lights.

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