High-Tech Buddy Collar Shines LED Light On Your Dog’s Health And Muc

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Sophisticated enough for spies but made for the average dog, Buddy Collar’s Kickstarter campaign is on a mission to raise funds for its collar that tracks pretty much everything about your pup (plus super cool lights!)

This past weekend, I was one of millions who forked over mega bucks to see “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” on the big screen (mega because I bought popcorn).In true MI fashion, the too cool, ultra discreet, tech gadgetry stole the show as it helped good conquer evil and made us all cry out loud “I want one of those!” as we watched doors be unlocked, coded passwords changed, and a contact lens deliver instant facial recognition – all from the remote safety of a command central computer.

While still on this over-the-top techno thread I’m thinking that if there was ever a dog in the cast they probably would have him outfitted in a collar with inconspicuous GPS tracking, something to surveil his activity, monitor his body temperature, illuminate him on night missions, and create a virtual, secure geo-fencing environment to keep him from straying off the grid. Of course it would all be housed within a slick, streamlined neckband and report findings back to your iPhone or Apple Watch app – turning you into that much coveted command central.

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Well, it seems that an organization in Melbourne, Australia is on board with just such a wish list and is equipping our little guys with lightweight technology that delivers a heavyweight punch when it comes to keeping them happy, healthy, and safe.

Named the Buddy Collar by Aussie manufacturer Squeaker LED products, this new item is in the working proto-type stage which means engineering is complete and it now has GPS tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, LED lighting, OLED display as well as light and temperature sensors and a 14-day battery; all housed in a stylish, water resistant collar.

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The data being tracked is linked to your cellphone and it will not only tell you if your pup is too warm / too hot but allow you to remotely change your thermostat accordingly. It can also tell you how many steps your boy is taking during the day – and if you need to get him out for a walk that night, if he has wandered outside of your pre-prescribed play zone –and where you can find him, when his/your friends are gathering and where, as well as light him up like the Las Vegas strip when you head out for your evening walk – so no danger of him going unseen by a passing motorist.

Squeaker LED products are already manufacturing the highly successful Poochlight collar and leads and they’re now ready to produce the Buddy collar for similar commercial production.

Of course anything loaded with more technology than a new Cadillac can only be made affordable to the public if production costs are capped so Squeaker is running a Kickstarter campaign. They’ve already identified their suppliers and have started planning production timelines and processes.Their goal now is to raise sufficient funds to buy the collar components at a volume discount and to develop the software and hardware sufficiently to make it something you and I can afford to purchase for our pooches.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make a financial pledge to Squeaker’s Kickstarter campaign. For approximately $40 USD, you will receive a Poochlight LED leash. For approximately $60 USD you will receive the leash and an LED collar. And if you really want to lead the pack, for a pledge of $180 USD or more, you’ll receive the Buddy LITE collar featuring bluetooth, temperature sensor + App functionality with the full range of lighting effects.

Eat your heart out, Tom Cruise.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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