Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

Let’s face it, pets get messy and whether they’re tracking in dirt and debris from the yard or wet mud after a rainy-day walk… your floors tend to tell the tale.

What to do when a regular vacuum just isn’t up to the job? Check out Bissell’s new CrossWave® Pet Pro Upgrade Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac. This little baby works as hard as its name implies and can tackle both wet and dry clean-ups on everything from hard floor surfaces to carpeted areas.

I really think the people at Bissell must own pets because this wet/dry vacuum seems to have thought of everything when it comes to not only quickly and efficiently removing paw prints and those little accidents that can happen with puppy training, but also that funky odor that can often accompany a wet dog.

Yes, by using a concentrated Febreze Freshness formula designed for use on sealed hardwood floors, tile, laminate and even areas rugs, the Bissell CrossWave® Pet Pro cleans and eliminates doggy odors using biodegradable detergents that make your floors a safe, non-toxic surface for both kids and pets to play on.

But there’s so much more. Not your typical vacuum cleaner and so much more than a wet mop, this unit comes complete with Bissell’s patented Gentle Clean Multi-Surface Brush Roll that uses a combo microfiber and nylon brush to not only pick up dirt and debris but mop at the same time. Now for those who just can’t abide a messy house, this means that in mere minutes your floors can be returned to pristine condition without you ever having to deal with mops and buckets again. A separate microfiber brush delivers gentle cleaning to hardwood flooring while a brush attachment for area rugs delivers that deeper cleaning you need with plush surfaces.

And because we pet parents know that our furry friends produce more than dirty little paw-prints, Bissell also includes an extra pet brush roll that quickly picks up loose hair and is not only a snap to lock in place and clean out, but is also tangle-free for non-stop vacuum cleaning action.

A handy storage tray allows you to park your now-favorite floor cleaning tool discreetly and in a manner that allows the brush to dry after each use. So you never have to worry about it picking up a dank smell between cleans.

If you’re ready for a paw-free household, get the Bissell CrossWave® Pet Pro Upgrade Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac today!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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