DIY Doggy Kissing Booth

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Whether you’re having a Valentine-themed party, raising money for your favorite charity or just want to post some share-worth photos of your pup on social media, a DIY Doggy Kissing Booth will set hearts a flame. A trip to the dollar store and an empty cardboard box are the only essentials you’ll need to make this absolutely adorable prop.

What you’ll need:

  • This Valentine’s Day, get in the mood with a Kissing Booth that’s perfect for caring canines. Cardboard box
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Tape/Hot glue gun
  • Wrapping paper
  • Valentine’s Day themed accessories (such as bows, stickers, decorations, etc.)
  • 1 furry kisser willing to work for treats… and love.


  1. Have your dog sit next to the empty box in order to determine kissing window height. Mark approximate length and height with a pen or pencil.
  2. Using the approximate marks you made in step 1, it’s time to mark a proper window. You want the window to allow your dog to see out and give kisses comfortable. Use the measuring tape to draw straight lines and clearly mark out the complete size of the window.
  3. Cut out the window using sharp scissors. Trim away any uneven cardboard that remains.
  4. Wrap the front, sides and edges of the window with wrapping paper. You can use tape or a glue gun – whichever method works best for you.
  5. It’s time to decorate! I used a small layer of see-through fabric under the kissing window, so you can still see the red wrapping paper. Using a few Valentine’s Day décor items from the dollar store, I added a little panache and set up Oscar’s prices (25 cents is a great deal!). I found that for the décor, the glue gun was more effective than the tape.
  6. Oscar is open for business! I added a small blanket in the bottom of the box so he had a comfy seat while doling out smooches!