DIY Doughnut Sock Toy for Dogs

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As most pawrents already know, some dogs have an unhealthy obsession with socks. The dirtier, the better: if your pooch gets a chance to raid your laundry hamper, the nasty little bugger will probably do it. But, as it is usually the case with dogs, they do it out of love, the four-legged weirdos.

So, next time you have a pair of socks that’s for the bin, go the recycling route and make something fun for your pooch. These doughnut sock toys are extremely easy to make, cost nothing, and your dog is going to love them- trust me, I barely had the time to snap the picture of the toy before it was snatched.

Oh, and just a little heads up before you start this DIY project- make sure you use clean socks. Your pooch might prefer if you don’t, but, hey, no thumbs, no opinion about crafts!

What You’ll Need

*I used fluffy winter socks and a pair of knee-length socks for this tutorial, so one sock equaled one doughnut. In case of regular length socks or thin socks, you’ll need a pair of them for one doughnut.

Step-by-step instructions for dog sock toy.



1. Cut off the toe portion of the socks, then roll them inward, from toes to the ribbing. Around the middle, take the upper part and place it over the half-formed “doughnut.”
2. Repeat until you have a nice, robust doughnut. If you use regular crew length socks, you’ll have to use two pairs per doughnut to achieve the right thickness.
3. (Optional step) To ensure your enthusiastic little chewer won’t destroy his new toy in a few minutes, stitch the ribbing of the sock to the doughnut. If you have a petite pooch, you really won’t have to do this step.