Dog and Cat-Themed Underwear Best Thing You’ll See On The Internet T

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Looking for that gift for the dog/cat person who has everything? Bet they don’t have THESE amazing (and possibly disturbing?) under goodies that are adorned by dogs and cats!

The Internet is always full of fun stuff if you just know where to look. And, who wouldn’t be looking for underpants with animals on them? Just me?

Okay, maybe I wasn’t exactly looking for them, but boy, when I found them, I won’t lie; I started making out my list for who was getting what this Christmas!

For instance…who would not love to rock British Kitty on her bottom? Why is she British Kitty you ask? I have no idea, but she definitely meows with an accent, you can guarantee!

Now, though, if you’re looking for Wild Kitty? Wild Kitty is clearly as refined as British Kitty (I mean, duh!) and frankly looks a little bit like Meth-Kitty, but you know there’s someone in your office who’s just waiting to get a little bit of Wild Kitty at the next gift exchange, amirite?

Obviously, the pussies can’t dominate all the underwear, so there are several canine selections as well. Take, for instance, the chihuahua panties. What says, “I’m here for whatever,” better than a chihuahua nose right in the crotch? It’s not like they’re ever tall enough to get there on their own anyway, so why not empower the little things in undergarments?

Or, how about the Husky undies? That bright-eyed and bushy-tailed pup’s perfect placement near the pooper? Class-act in the fashion world all.the.way.

Obviously, not everyone likes a party in their pants, so there’s the stoic Bulldog option, perfect for those simply looking for functionality while covering the goods.

And, there are those of us who demand authenticity in our unmentionables. So if that’s you, these realistic jeans-y looking panties with what looks to be a traumatized pussy popping out may be just what you want. Or not, because, wow, White Cat, wow.

But my favorite…my favorite is called Cat Pizza. Why, I don’t know because it’s a pair of panties with cats in tacos all over the arse, but hey, Cat Pizza, I still love you.

Because if you can’t enjoy a good taco cat pair of undies, what is life really all about?

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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