These Dog Toys Are Tearrible – So Support Their Kickstarter Campaign

Do your dogs destroy their toys? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could put them back together again easily? Now you can with Tearribles, a new project you can support on Kickstarter.

It’s always the same isn’t it? You buy the cutest toy for your dog and within hours it’s in pieces all over the floor. So you have to go out and spend your hard earned cash on another one!

Well not any more. Tearribles are the latest innovation in pet toys – and you can help make the dream a reality on Kickstarter. They’re cute and adorable, but more importantly, your dog can tear them apart (hence the name!) but then you can simply put it back together again, over and over. Isn’t that great?

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So how do they work? Well each creature comes with detachable limbs, tails and maybe even tentacles depending on which Tearrible you choose.

They’re strong and durable and the detachable parts have industrial strength Velcro attached. This makes them a challenge for your dog to tear apart. When they do, you can simply gather up the pieces and reconstruct their toy again!

These toys are safe and have been fully tested. They really do last the distance and won’t tear, except where they are supposed to!

Tearribles are available in three different sizes, so you can choose the toy that best suits the size of your dog.

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If your dogs are hell bent on ruining things, your shoes and such, then Tearribles are a great way to give them something they are allowed to destroy! This is where the idea came from in the first place. The team behind Tearribles were no stranger to destructive dogs and realized it was a common problem. So Tearribles were born! It’s a dog’s instinct to shred things. It’s really not their fault, they’re made that way. So it’s a shame to shout at them for eating your favorite slippers. Instead, distract them with these fluffy monsters that they can safety tear apart without getting a telling off!

If you’d like to support to the Tearribles Kickstarter project and pick up one of these awesome toys for your pooch, head over to the Tearribles Kickstarter page.

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