Could Your Dog Toys Be Poisoning Your Pet?

The toys you give your dog to chew may contain chemicals that could be deadly! Learn how to choose toys that are safe for your pooch.

A warning has been issued to dog owners by The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. This is because recent research has found that some dog toys contain harmful chemicals. Chemicals that could even be deadly.

These chemicals are found in some plastic dog toys. They are phthalates and bisphenol. They have been banned for use in the production of products for humans due to the health problems they can cause, but as yet they have not been banned in the manufacturer of dog toys.

When you think about how long your dog spends, loving their toys… with their mouth, you’ll see how worrying that is! All that chewing and licking! The problem is, you buy toys for your dog to chew, but experiments have shown that it is this chewing action that releases these potentially dangerous chemicals.

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So the more worn your dog’s toys are, the more dangerous they could be! Researchers have found that the type of toy most likely to contain these chemicals is the training bumper toy. The plastic stick that is often used to train puppies to fetch. It was also found that the level of chemicals found in a toy may be safe for one breed of dog, but dangerous for another.

So how can you avoid these chemical ridden toys?

When choosing your toys, smell them, you might look a bit odd, but it could keep your dog safe, so it’s worth looking a bit silly for! If the toy has a strong chemical smell then put it back and choose a different toy that doesn’t smell so strong.

If a toy is labelled as being stain resistant or fire retardant then this is also a warning sign. The chemicals used to give the toys these extra properties can also be poisonous to your pup.

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Do some research. Check out the website of toy manufacturers and read labels. It’s best to save up and buy your dog one good quality and safe toy, than a few cheap low quality ones that could be unsafe.

Replace your dog’s toys regularly. The research into this issue showed that the toys got more dangerous the older and more worn they got. So treat your dog to a new toy and get rid of the old ones on a regular basis.

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