Eye Spy on My Pets With the IFamCare Helmet Home & Pet Monitor

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by PetGuide Staff
Being away from your pet is never pleasant, but thanks to iFamCare’s Helmet pet monitor, you can feel like your pet is at the office with you!

iFamCare’s pet camera, Helmet, makes being away from your pet so much easier. With a variety of functions, the camera lets you feel like you’re right at home with your pet. Now you can talk to, listen to and play with your pet even while you’re at work!

The Helmet is a small, unobtrusive camera that you can place anywhere in your home. It features a wide variety of features that make it an incredibly appealing product, and we’ve listed just a few:

Wifi: 2.4 GHz

Full HDL 1080p: Day or night, you get a clear picture with 1080p HD.

MicroSD Slot: If you want to save video or pictures, you can use the SD card slot to ensure you don’t lose pictures or videos. Now those amazing videos of your cat playing with the laser can make you the next YouTube sensation!

Air Sensor: This feature is truly revolutionary! The helmet measures the quality of air for a healthier and better life for your pet!

Sound and Motion Alerts: Motion and sound alerts so you won’t miss a single moment of exciting action! If you’re kitty is on the move, the Helmet tells you. It means you can safely look away from your phone once in awhile; you’ll be the first to know if something exciting happens.

360 Rotation: It doesn’t matter where your pet is hiding, you’ll be able to find her.

Laser: Don’t you hate it when your cat identifies the camera, and then tries to swipe it? You’re half pleased she’s interacting with it, half worried about the safety of your camera. With the laser function, you can distract your cat or dog with a cool laser feature. Plus, it’s the ideal way to take a break from work.

Unlimited Users: There’s no limit on how many people can have a username and watch your pet, so you can force your mom to see how cute your kitten is. Download the app to her phone, and call her constantly to tell her to check on Kitty. Get her to play with the lasers too – Kitty loves the lasers, Mom.

Social Community: If you’re mom isn’t responding to your texts anymore, you can always share your videos on iFamCare’s social community. Fellow pet owners are often more sympathetic, and probably are more interested in your dog’s awesome backflip. You’ll be able to upload the video easily, and your new friends can validate your awesome dog parenting skills, don’t worry.

Pick up an iFamCare Helmet Home & Pet Monitor for $99.95, and keep in touch with your pet, 24/7

PetGuide Staff
PetGuide Staff

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