Global Pet Expo: Teddy Maximus’ Accessories Brings Out The Royalty I

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
We found Brit export’s Teddy Maximus luxury accessories at Global Pet Expo and they’d make Harry and Meghan more than a bit jealous!

When British designer and entrepreneur Holly Simpson brought her precious long-haired Dachshund Teddy into her family, she was inspired to create luxurious and fun British products for dogs. Simpson uses proceeds from her sales to help support Dogs’ Trust and Pup Aid, and has won several awards since she launched Teddy Maximus in 2015.

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And while these products are high-end and adorable and fall in line with British style, they are also practical designs that Simpson put thought into so they’d be treasured for lifetimes. Her prints are gorgeous and we adore her Signature Print with a sweet-as-pie little Doxie as the motif.

Her tailor-made products include super soft-dog carriers that also pull double duty as dog beds so royal pups sleep in the lap of luxury whereever they go, and their specialty bowties which make us swoon! In fact, some of our favorites come from the ‘Harry and Meghan’ line, which celebrates and honors the impending nuptials of Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle, and feature a signature crown just for the occasion!

Teddy Maximus products can be personalized as well, so your prince or princess can parade around with tailored articles, and we are in love with their newest launch, their gorgeous saddle bags–for the humans in a royal pup’s life. I am not going to lie…I fell absolutely gaga in love with the ‘Kate’ in Ruby Red! It can be cross-body or shoulder-strap, and I love that though they’re big in style, they’re personal enough to work with you on the best shipping options should you be outside of the UK!

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The shoulder bags complement the colors of the other pieces in the Teddy Maximus line, together, you and your pup will turn heads wherever you go. I know this because I’ve gone by their booth and looked at their pretties about one million and seven times already! Don’t judge…if you can’t be a royal, at least you can look like one!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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