Groomer Jess Rona’s New Tell-All About Celebrity Pets is Hilariously

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
LA celebrity groomer Jess Rona teams up with A-list stars and their dogs for this hilariously creative compilation that features her most fabulous work.

Jess Rona works with fur-babies of the stars. She’s known for her amazing grooming work, as well as “revealing” dog music videos on her Instagram page.

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For all those who wondered what the life of an A-list celeb dog groomer was like, you’ll want to pick up a copy of Rona’s new book, Groomed (Knock Knock). It’s a fabulously furry tell-all that gives a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into being the groomer-for-the stars.

Rona works out of a private home studio and is only available for grooming by referral. She jokes that grooming dogs is like training men, making them think that they are in charge. Starting her career as a dog bather at PetSmart at 18-years-old, she returned to grooming on the side to pay the bills between acting gigs.

After mastering AKC grooming standards and trends, Rona studied the world’s top grooming Instagram feeds, honing the skills that have now made her a Hollywood pet-friendly staple.

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I am excited to announce my book is finally HERE! (Kinda). It’s available for pre-order on Amazon! Go order it and use the receipt as a stocking stuffer! Or just hand it to someone and watch their confused look of judgement turn into a smile and a hug. Thank you @teganandsara for letting me blow wind on you, @helloimthechooch and @lillythebearsnuggles for being my muse and @goldroom for this song which was one of the very first songs I ever used. 🤘🏼🤓

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As the years have progressed, she’s built up quite the celebrity group of customers. Some of her famous pooch clientele include Nugget, who owns Katy Perry, and Rootbeer, Natasha Lyonne’s furry BFF. Both make an appearance in her book, as Insta-famous Marnie the Dog.

To see how the rich and famous groom their pooches’ dos, pick up your own copy of Groomed (Knock Knock).

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