Insta-Celebrity Chloe The Mini-Frenchie Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
It’s a sad time in the world of Celebri-Pups, as sweet Chloe the mini-Frenchie died after undergoing surgery, allegedly from mistakes made by the vet clinic.

Chloe the mini-Frenchie is well known in the world of dog influencers–a sweet girl who was Insta-famous and four-years-old. Her human, Loni Edwards, shared the news in a post on Wednesday, and said they were heartbroken that she had gone to Heaven.

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Edwards said that Chloe was recovering from surgery and had been held overnight for observation and so they could exercise extra caution. At the BluePearl Vet clinic in Manhattan, where she was brought for the observation, she was erroneously given oxygen, which ultimately led to complications that caused her to pass on. Chloe’s lungs were accidentally blown out, and she had multiple heart attacks as a result.

when you run out of new episodes

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BluePearl Vet clinic put a statement out about the error, and Chloe’s death, saying she was a very special dog and they were looking into the error to see what happened so that something like this will never happen again. The clinic says that they are horribly saddened by Chloe’s death. They say they are working with the Edwards family to address and respond to all of their concerns.

winnie the chlo 🍯 🎃

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Chloe was a mini, meaning she was half the size of a normal French bulldog, and she had near 180,000 followers. Many insta-famous pet friends shared their sorrow on Chloe’s page, giving their support to Chloe’s heartbroken Mama.

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Edwards said that she initially created her Instagram account so that the world could see her sweet little face. Edwards said Chloe’s face made her so happy, and she knew it would make others happy as well. She mentioned on Chloe’s account that she’d fought so hard, but unfortunately, she could fight no more.

watching tv with the human 📺 it’s not my favorite show, but I know he loves it so I’m watching with him ❤️ @Milkbone

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Rest in peace, sweet Chloe. We’ll see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

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Lori Ennis

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