Hilarious Sleeping Dogs Featured in ‘Resting Bitch Face’ Coffee Ta

Kickstart a hilarious coffee table book of sleeping dogs and their hilariously awkward faces — you’ll laugh yourself to sleep!

Having a bad day? Not when you see this hilariously clever collection of mans best friend and their awkward poses, guaranteed to turn anyone’s frown upside down.

The comedic coffee table photobook called “Resting Bitch Face,” is the second of it’s kind created by Jonah Sargent, with hopes of making viewers chuckle with laughter when they open the first page to a see the average sleeping dog with rolled back eyes and a floppy tongue. Total cuteness overload! It’s no surprise that our loyal companions and their oh-so-cute faces can make us smile from time to time; it’s when they are caught off guard that really turns them into characters!

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Resting Bitch Face is considered a ‘bit book’, meant to be a joke to the first-time reader. Whether left in the bathroom, coffee table, or given as a gift, this series of 30-50 pages of full color photos is the perfect icebreaker.

Jonah’s first book of hilarious photos called “Faces of Yoga: Uncomfortable Photos of People in Strange Positions” was a pure success and called for a sequel; this time with beautiful shots of sleeping dogs and their funny sleeping faces. The initial book was printed in several languages all over the world, from The Telegraph, The Metro, and Huffington Post.

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“Resting Bitch Face” is a Kickstarter project, which will be self-distributed in bookstores and online. Jonah has hopes of mirroring the success he earned with the first book and throwing an unforgettable party for his supporter and their dogs alike. In addition, the extra funds will allow the creators to build a website where sleeping dog lovers can buy the book.

Sound like a good read? Head over to Resting Bitch Face Kickstarter page.

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