10 Adorkable Dogs That Don’t Need Your Judgment

Do you ever wonder if your dog got into the hooch? We mean, come on, look at these pictures – why else would they be up to shenanigans like these?

1. Why the Long Face?

Giddy up, human. (Photo Credit: Imgur)

2. Canine Cleavage

Why don’t you look me in the eyes when you talk to me? (Photo Credit: PopSugar)

3. S.O.S.

I’m the first to admit that I may not have thought my escape through. (Photo Credit: Imgur)

4. Cleaning Service

You don’t need Windex… let me get that for you! (Photo Credit: Flickr/ Dale Carlson)

5. The Butt of Jokes

Just say no to crack. (Photo Credit: Imgur)

6. Squeaky Clean

Let me finish before you start the rinse cycle. (Photo Credit: PopularMoron)

7. Illicit Affair

What do you mean this ain’t the missus? (Photo Credit: Flickr/ Heather Faircloth)

8. Don’t Donut

Head’s up! (Photo Credit: FoodDiggity )

9. Go Fetch

The fail is strong with this one!

(Photo Credit: BozemanDailyChronicle)

10. Say Cheese

We’ve been having a great day and all, but hold on and…let me take a selfie.

(Photo Credit: Imgur)

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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