Stunning Photos Captures Dogs’ Pre-Catch Treat Face

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A German couple who typically bring awareness to endangered species with their amazing photography decided to branch out a bit and share some amazing (and hilarious!) shots of some dogs right before catching a treat!

German photographer husband and wife team Manuela and Stefan Kulpa are well known for their majestic pictures of animals, many endangered, they find in zoos in their home country, as well as in Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Prague.

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But their latest panel of pictures are of some of the most adorable canines you’ll find, and the pictures had a twist–the dogs were photographed as they were trying to catch treats! Manuela says that each photo can take up to 80 attempts, as the dogs are not necessarily always the most cooperative while drooling over the anticipation of a treat!

While one of their models, Golden Retriever Ben, is their own, the rest of the dogs they photographed for funny faces are former rescue dogs, some of whom had been severely abused before finding their fur-ever homes, and ALL are definitely putting their best snouts forward!

The talented couple maintain that pictures tell stories and are balm for the soul, certainly are not wrong, as these pictures will tickle your funny bone in delight!

When you leave for the day….and when you get back to your pup!

Who wants a treat? Who wants a treat? I do! I do! I doooooooooo!!!

Do you think I’m sexy baby? Well? Do you? Oh, yeah…

Beauty…and The Beast!

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Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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