Keep Calm and Carry On: Dog Backpacks For Puppers of All Sizes

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
We love that it’s more common than ever to take our precious pups with us just about anywhere we go, and if they can’t come, is it really a place worth going to anyway?

But it’s also becoming more common to require our dogs to be in bags if they want to accompany us, so we’re always looking out for the best bags to do the job, particularly for bigger dogs. What should you look for when looking for dog carriers? Lucky for you, we’ve asked that too, and found a couple we think you’ll love.

No Bus For You! (Unless You’re In A Bag)

Not long ago, New Yorkers were told that if they wanted to take Fido on public transportation, they’d have to make sure the dog fit in a bag. Industrious as dog parents are, that was a non-issue with some creativity.

New York City Subway:

You can't bring dogs unless they fit in a bag.

Dog Owners:

— Jordan Coombe (@Jordan_Coombe) August 15, 2019

But let’s be real. If we’re really carrying our dogs for whatever reason…we want to make sure that our dogs are comfortable and safe, and that means we’re going to have to move past the backpack/plastic bag/gym bag solution!

Who Carries Their Dog? Lots Of People!

Gone are the days where dog parents who carried their dogs were doing so to be ‘extra.’ Nowadays, a lot of people carry their dogs with them–to ride the subway is just one reason. Dogs are (thankfully) living longer lives, and that means that just like humans, sometimes they need a little extra mobility help in their older ages.

Not to mention, who wants to leave their pooch out of all the fun and adventure that people who have active lifestyles enjoy? The reality is that your Lab would probably love that hike in the mountains just as much (maybe even more) as your teacup Chihuahua, and having a comfortable and safe carrier to do so makes all the difference for you and your dog. The memories you make together will be ones you cherish, and travels with you can really enrich their lives too.

And let’s face it–our dogs keep us active, right? Having dogs keeps us healthier and help us live longer, and everything really is more fun with our dogs. Finding quality carriers that keep our dogs close and comfy is right up the alley of active pet parents, and not always easy to do.

Great carriers often offer space to have some of Fido’s accessories come along for the ride, and they open the great outdoors up to all dogs, even the big ones. For anxious dogs, keeping them close by helps reduce their anxiety and be real— it helps reduce our anxiety too if we’re honest.

What To Look For In A Dog Carrier?

When you’re thinking about the best dog carriers, you’ll want first to pay attention to your dog. You’ll want to measure your dog for weight, shoulder height, chest circumference and maybe some other measurements to specific carriers. You’ll also want to make sure the carrier is ergonomically designed and vet-approved, and it never hurts to be one that is less difficult to put on and wear your dog. Some carriers out there take degrees in physics to figure out, and you’ll never use it if it’s that difficult.

We happen to really love a couple of carriers from K9 Sport Sack. They’ve recently released two carriers that make it easy for you to go just about anywhere you want with your pup, and they’re designed to follow the company’s motto: Never Leave Your Dog Behind.

The Rover has lots of pet parents excited because it’s designed for bigger dogs, something not easily found in the carrier market. For dogs between 30-80 pounds, The Rover comes in sizes L-XXL. It has a hip belt, straps to adjust the weight load, a detachable hood and an extra storage bag that you can clip on and off while you’re on the go. It’s made with outlast temperature regulating fabric (because, whew, boy, can dogs give off some heat!) and has side pockets for ventilation, but we love that it has lumbar support for the dog’s back. Keeping our dogs safe and comfy while in a carrier is what’s important and The Rover does so with ease. It retails for $189.95.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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