New Year’s Essentials For Pups Who Like To Paw-ty!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

It’s a new year and you’re ready to put your game face on to crush it!

You and your pet are ready to put your paws up and go all in, and we’ve got all the New Year’s Essentials for your pet! And yes, they’re all must-haves.

New Year’s Outfits At Your Service


Hubba Hubba, Handsome! You know all the best-dressed paw-ty animals want to ring in the new year looking fashionable, and this dog tuxedo will let your pup look like the true star he is. Perfect for bringing some doggy bubbly to the crawl or even for a New Year’s wedding service between two star-crossed loves.

Tuxedo Bandana Collar

Say Rover won’t be quite as…compliant as you’d like when dressing to the nines. What if he looks at a tuxedo and tells you there’s no ruff in hell that he’s wearing it. Compromise with this adorable Tuxedo Bandana collar. He still looks dapper and ready to party the night away!

MaruPet Sequined Fashion Dress

And what’s a good-looking doggy dude to do without a divine doggy diva on his paw? Get your best bitch this gorgeous sequined dress, complete with frilly tutu that tells all the world she’s ready to take the new year on like a boss babe.

PetiteBella New Year’s Shirt

Just in case your puppy gal isn’t quite as extra as a doggy diva in a pink dress may be, let her tone it down (but just a little) with this sleek and modern New Year’s shirt from PetiteBella. Still fancy schmancy, still New Year’s baby–and just a little bit of badass to ring the new year in with style.

New Year’s Crown

Because obviously. What’s a New Year’s celebration without looking like royalty? These fun sequinned accessories are soft and attach easily. And they’ll shimmer and shine all night long, letting your pups flaunt it because they’ve got it!

Gender Neutral New Year Bandana

This bandana is the perfect bandana for the dog that says, “Screw it. Just put a bandana on me and let’s call it a new year!” Makes its point and lets your pup be comfy, cozy and low-key as they usher the new year in, but don’t be fooled. This designer bandana is handmade and is still just as boujee as he wants to be!

My Dog Likes To Pawty All The Time

What is a New Year’s Pawty without some primo drinks and snacks? Boring! That’s why you’ll want to make sure you add these to the party supply list!

Bowser Beer

Your dogs insist: no New Year is rung in right without some special drinks, and they want you to throw Bowser Beer into the cart! It’s made in the United States with premium ingredients by people who love dogs want to make sure they get to hang and have fun with their hoomans. There’s no hops, no alcohol, no carbonation, salt or fat, though, and so it’s not going to give your dog a hangover the next morning. In fact, it has glucosamine and Malt Barley (which is high in Vitamin B and that’s good for dogs’ brains), so you could *almost* say it’s a supplement! Almost.

Dogwine-Fetch Me Grigio and Fetch Me Noir

But, if you have a dog that may be more of the vino sort, they’re definitely going to want to get their paws of a stem of this. Delicately designed for the discriminating (or not-so) doggies, these ‘wines’ for dogs are non-alcoholic and made typically to be toppers for kibble that your dog turns its nose up at. Yes, yes, of course they’re good for that, but with their organic bacon extract or salmon oil bases? It’s the new year, let your pup pawty it up and chugalug! Responsibly, of course.

PuppyCake Cake Mix

Ring in the new year with some sweet treats for the pupsters! This cake mix from PuppyCake is an easy-peasy to make peanut butter cake and frosting mix, and it’ll have your dogs waiting by the oven to snarf it down! Wheat-free and made with human-grade ingredients (but of course!), it’s a great way to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new, sweet year!

Jiminy’s Cricket Cookies

It’s a new year, so why not get your dog onto a new, sustainable and healthy protein. You know, January’s all about getting buff, right? Well, we can’t promise these will make your pup buff, but they WILL be delicious snacks to have for that New Year’s Eve party, and they’re made with cricket powder for better, more environmentally-friendly protein for your pups. Dogs love them, they’re good for the earth and that’s good for hoomans too. In fact, buy several packs because you’ll want them long after New Year’s!

Vetriscience Composure Chews

Sometimes New Year’s can make your pups a bit anxious, though, as there’s all sorts of champagne cork popping and fireworks firing. If you’re worried that your dog may need to take a chill chew before, Vetriscience Composure Chews are the ones you’re looking for. They have colostrum which naturally calms your pet, and they’re a great way to ensure the night doesn’t end in a panic attack for your pooch or you!

New Year’s Party Must-Haves

Pawty Time Photo Props

Did the night even really happen if there is no photographic evidence? What about if the photos didn’t include fun and fabulous photo props? Don’t even worry about asking that question with these fun photo props guaranteed to make any New Year’s picture one gajillion times better. Okay, we made that number up, but trust us. The pictures will rock!

Dog Diggins Champagne Toy

You know that it’s not New Year’s without some of the bubbly, but for your pet? That means this adorable toy champagne bottle. Any time can be happy hour with this baby, and they can slurp it, snip it, shake it or toss it all night long!

Best Friends Dog Bed

Annnnnd at the end of a long night ruffing in the new year, your pup will want to pass out hit the hay in this soft and cozy dog bed by Best Friends. This donut cuddler is just right for your pup to end the night all curled up in shaggy luxury. It has deep crevices for your pup to fall right on into, and shhhh…we won’t tell if you end up there too, it’s that comfy!

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