No-Hands Poop Picker Upper The Greatest Kickstarter Ever

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Picking up dog poop isn’t glamorous, but someone has to do it. This new Kickstarter project makes poop scooping a thing of the past.

Most dog walks include (we hope; if you do NOT pick up your dog’s poop, shame on you!) the poop bag so that you can go through the familiar hands-inside-out of the bag to pick up your dog’s waste when she’s done her business. It’s almost like she just goes anywhere she wants, knowing you’ll come right behind her and pick it up. Which is pretty much how it happens.

We know. We love our dogs so we do what we have to do. But even the most ardent dog-lover has to admit…the poop part is just gross. Which is how Gideon Hazan’s extreme love of dogs but dislike of using hands to pick up their poop brought Piqapoo into creation. Piqapoo is a bag system that attaches to your dog’s tail and allows the dog to poop directly in the bag, excusing you from having to scoop it up yourself.

No, really. It does.

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Piqapoo’s collection bag attaches right underneath the dog’s tail with soft, silicone grips that have been dog approved and capture the poop as it is coming out of your dog’s rear…literally. It could not be any easier, especially when Fido’s remains are nice and squishy…who wants to pick that up? The makers of Piqapoo sure didn’t and know you don’t either!

Hazan, who is the CEO of Piqapoo emphatically claims that Piaqapoo loves its dogs and their comfort level was key in creating the poop-catcher. He cites other dog poop collectors that are available, but have problems that in the end, don’t make poop picking up any easier. Traditional pooper scoopers are big and not walk-friendly, and don’t even think about using one when your pup has diarrhea. There are other fitted devices and modified bags on the market, but they are often difficult and time-consuming for dog owners to put on, and often still leave traces of poop on the ground, even after scooping. The Piqapoo’s design is to be one that eliminates all those problems in a simple and cost-effective way.

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Piqapoo team members all use Piqapoo for their dogs, and it’s been featured in People Pets and other sites as an up-and-coming must-have gadget. Hazan says that it really works (no, really!) and allows dog walking to be a much more enjoyable part of a human’s day.

Piqapoo is small, though comes in a variety of sizes for different dogs and, uh, dog needs and can be a very welcome addition to the dog-walking routine of those with disabilities. People who are visually impaired can feel where to attach the Piqapoo, and those who have difficulties bending down to pick up waste now easily just detach the Piqapoo from their dog’s tail and throw it away, easy peasy.

Piqapoo has been tested on many dogs, and you can even check out Piqapoo’s site to watch the bags do their thing. It’s approved by veterinarians, and honestly? Just looks…intriguing…so your dog can be the coolest (no, really!!) looking pooch on the block while your hands remain poop-free.

Check out their Kickstarter project page–rewards prices start at $15, and we guarantee that you’ll be that unique gift-giver this year should these show up under someone’s tree!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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