Oscar Takes a Bite Out of Best Bully Sticks

Oscar Wildewoof
by Oscar Wildewoof
Oscar loves when the mailman comes to the door. And today it’s because he’s bringing Oscar a special delivery from Best Bully Sticks!

Did you know that Oscar gets better mail than me? Today, Oscar picked up the mail, and to his utter delight, he was treated to a boxful of 100% natural Best Bully Sticks. All I get are bills!

And how did such a little furball react to this bounty of beef? Well, I’ll let him tell the story!

I can’t read, but my nose tells me that these Best Bully Sticks are going to be delish!

Enough posing – when do I get to nom?

You mean I can pick my own?

Hmmmm… my eyes are bigger than my stomach. So many cow ears, so little attention span.

Let me chew on your ear for a while. Sorry for the dog pun, I couldn’t resist!

No challenge is too big or too long for Oscar, the Super Chewer! Bring on the Best Bully Jumbo Stick! Now, which end do I start at? This end…

Or maybe this end…

Whatcha got there? Come on – don’t make me work for it!

Not too big, not too small – this 6 inch Best Bully Stick is just right! And mom loves that my breath and the Best Bully Stick don’t stink after a nomming session! She also likes that it keeps me busy while she’s working… because someone’s got to pay the bills.

Thanks for the treats, Best Bully! And FYI: the holiday season is just around the corner… just sayin’.

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Oscar Wildewoof
Oscar Wildewoof

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