Petnet’s SmartDelivery Will Now Order Kibble When You’re Running L

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Looking for the ultimate pet feeder? The Petnet SmartFeeder controls portions and even orders more food when you run low!

Ever thought it would be great if your pet would earn their keep and take themselves out to the shop to buy their own pet food? Well now you’ve got the next best thing! The amazing Petnet Smartfeeder’s new service, SmartDelivery.

If you’re used to leaving biscuits out for your cat while you’re at work you may find that your pet puts on weight. But what can you do about it? You’re not there all day to monitor what they eat. You can’t feed them small amounts when you’re not there. Well the Petnet Smartfeeder takes control of this. It delivers just the right amount of food from the dispenser based on the weight, age and activity level of your pet. Making sure your pet gets exactly the he needs when he needs it.

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Now here’s the clever bit. You can fill the feeder with up to 7 lb of food, so you won’t have to top it up too often. The food is kept nice and fresh, and you’ll never guess what… The feeder can automatically order more pet food when it’s running low! How awesome is that? There are more than 1500 types of food available via this system and it’s always shipped free of charge. You can also cancel any time, there’s no tie-in contract.

The feeder integrates with the Nest Cam and also with Amazon Alexa, but perhaps the most interesting feature is the Petnet App. The app is available for both iOS and Android phones and it’s totally brilliant! You’ll be kept informed of your pets feeding habits all the time. So if you’re away from home, you can be reassured that your dog has been given his supper!

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The SmartFeeder also comes with a backup battery, so if the main battery runs out, your pooch won’t have to go hungry. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? I can’t wait to give it a go!

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