Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Take a look at our list of best orthopedic dog beds to find a fit and type that will keep your pooch pain-free and comfortable.

Is your pooch nearing his golden years and experiencing joint pain and arthritis as a result? Or is the common hip dysplasia affecting your gentle giant? Whatever the case is, the elimination of pressure points that orthopedic dog beds offer is the solution. Having your pet sleep on a high-quality bed that supports their body in a healthy and comfortable position can significantly influence their pain levels and help improve the quality of their life. This is even more important for senior pets, who tend to spend most of their time napping, and doing so in an inadequate bed can only exacerbate their issues.

Needless to say, what works for a chunky Lab won’t suit an aging Chihuahua, and not only size-wise. There are plenty of factors that make orthopedic dog beds better for some dogs than the others, from materials used to the very shape of the bed and everything in between. Take a look at our list of best orthopedic dog beds to find a fit and type that will keep your pooch pain-free and comfortable!

1. Editor’s Choice: Gunner Orthopedic Dog Bed

This American Made premium orthopedic dog pad is designed with a 1680 Denier-Rated ballistic nylon and a 2″ cooling memory foam, allowing for maximum recuperation and for dogs’ pressure points to rest comfortably above the specifically designed kennel’s rotomolded surface.

It has 2 inches of Pure Core Support Foam and True Cool Memory Foam so your dog will be at his comfiest both with temperature and joint placement. It offers support for the whole body, distributing your dog’s weight to allow key pressure points to be cradled and blood flow to freely move and aid in healing and recovery as well. It can be used inside or outside of a dog kennel, and it’ll keep your dog in sweet dreams no matter where he snoozes.

2. Runner-Up: BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

This luxurious quilted bolster bed is top of the line, and your pooch will feel it after one night’s sleep. Unlike most average dog beds, BarksBar doesn’t use shredded memory foam as fill, but rather a solid block. The bed is filled with 4 inches high-quality human-grade orthopedic foam for superior comfort and support. The difference is more than apparent, as the solid foam provides deep cushioning and pressure relief on joints, leading to reduction in joint pain and better mobility. For added support of the neck and the head, the solid foam base is surrounded by cotton padded walls. Both are conveniently tucked in under an ultra soft quilted cover with non-slip bottom- which is also machine washable and easy to clean.

3. Honorable Mention: Frisco Ortho Textured Plush Front Bolster Sofa

The stylish, contemporary design makes all beds from Frisco’s collection stand out from the competition, but this ortho bed goes beyond impressive looks. The orthopedic bolster sofa has a “supportive egg-crate convoluted foam sleeping surface” which essentially translates to a cozy, snuggly little nook for your pet to nap in. Naturally, it’s not just comfy but it also offers healthy support, especially because of the bolsters where your doggo can rest their head on- without straining the neck. This bed also has 4 inches high fill, but it’s comprised of 3-inch slab foam and 1-inch memory foam. Some dogs might actually prefer the firmness this combination offers over the body-hugging pure memory foam.

4. Customer’s Choice: Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

Available in 6 modern designs and color schemes, as well as in 3 different sizes, the Brindle waterproof orthopedic bed is ideal for crates. The mattress style of the make fits on the bottom of most crates and can add a touch of much-needed comfort to your pet’s little safe haven. Even if your dog doesn’t use a crate, he might prefer the bolster-free version for sleeping. The inside of this trendy bed is half memory foam and half high-density support foam, making for a 4-inch thick bed. The foam is encased in a breathable waterproof fabric that sits between the cover and the inside layer. To boot, if your pooch has an “ accident” on the bed you can just unzip the plus fabric cover and toss in in the washing machine for a spin- and the foam inside will remain dry and untouched.

5. Best Sofa Bed: FurHaven Plush & Suede Orthopedic Sofa

Instead of letting your elderly pet climb on the couch with you, get them a sofa of their own. Whether it’s to give your pooch a perfect napping place or to provide them with a more supporting alternative to regular dog beds, this plush orthopedic sofa bed fits the bill. It boasts a medical-grade orthopedic foam base that will cradle your pet’s body while they snooze. The choice of foam for the FurHaven orthopedic sofa is the egg crate foam, popular for its comfortability but breathability as well. Not only that the memory foam rounded spikes offer perfect support to a dog’s aging body, but it also ensure a good airflow under the covers. It’s great if you live in a warmer climate, as memory foam tends to absorb body heat.

6. Best Water-Resistant: PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

We all know that senior puppers almost always suffer from ailments such as arthritis and overall joint pains. Orthopedic dog beds that utilize memory foam and an ergonomic design are a sure way to make these aches more bearable. The orthopedic design of PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed boasts a lofty, 4” memory foam base that is perfect for relieving pressure and conforming to your dog’s contours. And with the addition of soft polyfill stuffing, the whole bed will feel like a little cloud to snooze on. Another great feature here are the extra raised sides. Some sleepy pups can roll off from the side of the bed, but thanks to the bolster sides, they will be snug as a bug and able to rest their head, too. The bed also features a waterproof, slow absorbing inner liner that keeps the foam base safe from all accidents and spills. A premium, high-quality design, this orthopedic dog bed really lives little to be desired.

7. Best for Big Dogs: Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs

The Big Barker is far from being all bark and no bite: these top of the line orthopedic beds for large dogs offer superior comfort and support. The 7 inches of top quality foam meets the CertiPUR-US standards and the 3 layers of it are encased in a luxurious velvety cover. This particular model comes with a built-in headrest, but there’s also a regular flat mattress shape version. These beds are available only in Large, Extra Large, and Giant XXL sizes, so if you have a big pooch with joint issues, you can’t go wrong with this one. This USA-made orthopedic bed also comes with a 10 year warranty- if the foam loses shape before a decade passes, you get your money back. Can’t beat that!

8. Best Cooling: Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel

As the name suggests, this luxurious Sealy orthopedic dog bed is made out of for layers as a base, one of which is cooling gel. The Cooling Energy is the first layer under the cover, regulating your pet’s body temperature and alleviating pain and discomfort with its cooling effect. Next, Pet Rest Memory Foam and Bio-Orthopedic Foam that work together to cradle your pooch’s body and eliminate pressure points. The final fourth layer is the Pro-Charcoal HD Foam Base, which not only provides a bit more support, but traps and absorbs any unpleasant odors. This revolutionary and luxurious design makes Sealy bed a fantastic option for pets with joint issues or hip dysplasia, as it offers support (with bolsters for neck and head) and minimizes pain due to its cooling properties.

9. Best Pillow-Top: K&H Pet Products Pillow-Top Orthopedic Lounger Bed

If your pet prefers snug beds and loooves to sleep with his head on a pillow, this cozy bed will be their dream come true. Made with an orthopedic foam base for lower pressure on joints and spine, the K&H Lounger Bed also features large, overstuffed polyester filled bolsters that give your pooch the coziest hug ever. The pillow-top is cozy but it also works with the foam base to support the skeletal system of your canine companion, giving them a cozy and healthy position to sleep in. Plus, it also doesn’t hurt that the washable elegant grey cover looks very high-end and fits in any living room decor!

10. Best Basic: FurHaven NAP Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Mattress

The snuggly and plush NAP deluxe orthopedic mattress will make your four-legged baby feel like they’re on cloud nine. The base is 3.5 inches high (an inch more for the jumbo and jumbo plus size bed) and made from convoluted foam, better known as egg crate foam. Its deep ridges allow air to circulate freely through the mattress, preventing overheating and ensuring breathability. This foam is also CertiPUR-US certified. Over the high-grade orthopedic foam, there’s a removable grey cover made from suedine gusset that’s great at camouflaging pet hair and dirt. At the very top, your pooch will nap on the plushiest, softest minky-like fabric. The Furhaven Mattress Pet Bed comes in five sizes: small, medium, large, jumbo, and jumbo plus.

11. Best Memory Foam: Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Lounge Bed

Whenever the words ‘ human-grade’ are used in the description of any pet product, you know it has to be good. Well, not only that the Friends Forever orthopedic dog bed is made from human-grade ortho memory foam, it’s actually baby mattress grade foam. Only appropriate for your fur baby, really. The foam base is accompanied by large and cozy poly-filled bolsters where your canine companion can rest his head during sleep. This stylish lounge bed is available 4 sizes and 5 colors: vanilla, pewter, cappuccino, cocoa, and khaki beige. All color options are the same material, so you can count on getting a quality bed with a fully removable, machine washable, anti-tear fabric cover. A great choice for your pet and you both!

Does My Dog Need an Orthopedic Bed?

Even if your pooch is active, at the end of the day, a big portion of their day is spent sleeping or lying down. An average adult dog will spend anywhere from 12 to 14 hours sleeping, and for puppies, elderly dogs, or those that are less energetic by nature, that number can be even higher. Needless to say, if all those hours are spent on the food, ratty old cushion, or a flimsy cheap pet bed, it can take its toll. The joints experience a lot of pressure when the sleeping spot is not suited for a dog’s body, and it can lead to arthritis and chronic pain- and if there are already any issues present, a poorly made dog bed can only exacerbate them. This is particularly true for older dogs as well as those with a known predisposition for joint issues such as large dog breeds and overweight dogs.

This is why, despite what you might think, your dog would benefit from switching to an orthopedic dog bed. If they are still young and pain-free, an orthopedic dog bed will make sure it stays so for as long as possible. In the case your pooch is already troubled by aching joints, stiffness, and pain, an orthopedic dog bed will help relieve some of that pain and pressure and improve their mobility, and, in turn, their quality of life. So, what should you look for in orthopedic dog beds?

These beds are designed to give your pet some much-needed support while they sleep. As a rule of thumb, this means that these beds are thicker and more elevated from the ground to ensure your dog gets the cushioning they need for comfort and support. The very best orthopedic dog beds are those that are modeled on human products, so this means that they should be made with quality memory foam. Memory foam will cradle your pet while they sleep, relieve pressure from their joints, and make them feel like they’re on a cozy cloud. Similar goes for other types of foam, and even for standard polyfill: with the main difference being that polyester-filled dog beds have to be overfilled to provide the same height and support as foam does. Unfortunately, even when they are as comfy as memory foam orthopedic dog beds, they are not as durable and tend to lose shape rather fast. So, if you are looking for a sturdy bed that will give your pooch plenty of comfiness for the years to come, it’s best to opt for foam-filled beds: whether it’s egg-crate foam, solid foam, shredded foam, or memory foam- the choice is yours.

What to look for in orthopedic dog beds?

The first few factors to consider are the same as when you’re looking for a regular dog bed- you need to pick the right size, a color and material that you prefer and a shape that meets your dog’s needs (some prefer flat beds, others need bolsters, and some only sleep in cuddler beds). The main difference with orthopedic beds is that they are supposed to prevent joint and hip issues, as well as help with existing ones, so you will also have to pay attention to the fill material. Memory foam is the most common choice for high-quality orthopedic dog beds as it has pressure-relieving properties and conforms to your pet’s body to offer ultimate support.

What are the benefits of orthopedic dog beds?

Orthopedic dog beds are comfortable and supportive and have many benefits for your pet’s overall health, but the main is their ability to prevent and alleviate joint and hip pain. Orthopedic beds conform to your pet’s body, reduce pressure on stress points, and equally distribute their weight over the bed’s surface. The support your dog’s spine, joints, and even muscles get from an orthopedic bed can minimize their chances of developing problems with arthritis and similar conditions in their old age. And if your dog already suffers from stiff and aching bones, sleeping on a supportive bed can greatly reduce their pain and, in turn, improve their mobility.

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