Top 10 Exclusive Pre-Black Friday Bargains on Pet Best-Sellers

Think of it as a warm up to the main event. Stretch your savings power – on your mark, get set, go get these amazing Amazon pet best-sellers deals at up to 68 percent off right now!

Nylabone Puppy Chew Toy Combo Pack – Save 36%

If you have a puppy or know someone who does then you’re definitely aware of why it’s necessary to stock up on chew toys! Those tiny sharp teeth, OUCH!

URPOWER Dog Bowls and No Spill Mat – Save 31%

Dogs can be messy eaters and drinkers — and most pet parents will agree that there’s no feeling quite like that of a soaking wet sock when you step near their water bowl. So it’s no surprise this no spill mat and dog bowl set is an Amazon best seller.

GoPets Premium Cat Scratcher – 63%

These long lasting, reversible cat scratchers are a great product to help protect your house and furniture from the wrath of cat claws. Made of recyclable corrugated cardboard, they come in a pack of 2, along with catnip to help attract attention away from your home decor.

MixMart Waterproof Pet Seat Cover – Save 68%

This hammock style car seat cover fits most cars and SUVs, holding up to 100 pounds of pet. Made of a thick, durable polyester with a waterproof backing, it protects car seats from spills, dirt, mud, hair, drool, and pet nails. Sophisticated dog with eye glasses not included.

PetSafe Train ’n Praise Potty Training System – Save 35%

Perfect for pet parents living in apartments, or potty training puppies, the Train ‘n Praise system uses positive reinforcement to train your dog to use a pee pad.

Fleece Lined Waterproof Dog Jacket – Save 50%

Winter is coming — so it’s a great time to pick-up a warm coat for you dog! The Funkeen fleece lined dog coats are available in sizes x-small to xxx-large and include reflective strips for increased visibility, as well as a hole for attaching a lead to your dog’s collar.

KONG Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy – Save 62%

Every dog deserves a cute stuffy! Another Amazon best seller, the KONG Cozie toys are made from extra durable materials and are lightly stuffed to eliminate mess and increase the lifespan of the toy.

KONG Classic Dog Toy – Save up to 49%

The KONG Classic is truly a must have for all dog owners. You can stuff it full of pretty much anything your dog loves to eat to keep them occupied and out of trouble. It never hurts to have more than one of these kicking around the house, so here’s a great chance to stock up.

PetSpy Pet Cooling Mat for Dogs –Save 40%

The weather may be cooling off now, but don’t forget how hot the summer was for your pet. It’s a great time to take advantage of sales on summer specific pet products, including this cooling gel pad for dogs that helps them regulate their temperature on hot days.

Interactive IQ Treat Ball for Dogs – Save 44%

Another great toy to keep your dog occupied is the OurPet’s treat ball. As your dog figures out how to move the toy around to spill treats out onto the floor, you can adjust its difficulty level to keep them interested…until they get smart enough to make their own meals.

In our pet parent community, we occasionally share products we think you might find useful. Some of these items are available to purchase through affiliate partnerships, so we may earn revenue from products you buy. But don’t feel pressured to buy anything – we’re still cool.

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