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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Outdoor or indoor play pens, play pens for big dogs or small breeds, metal, plastic, wood, or nylon play pens for dogs- there’s a choice for everybody.

Sometimes the safest option for your pooch is to stay put. But how are you to make sure your dog is both confined and comfortable at the same time? Play pens for dogs allow your pet to play, walk around, and be safe without making them feel cramped. There are many uses for play pens for dogs- for instance, in case your dog has separation anxiety, a spacious pen might be a perfect alternative to a crate. If you have to leave your puppy unattended while you go run a few errands, set up a play pen in a puppy-proofed corner of your home, both for your peace of mind and your pet’s comfort. You might also be traveling or camping with your pet and want to make sure they’ll have a safe place of their own even when you’re on the go.

Whatever the reason, it will be important to choose the right type of play pen for your dog’s individual needs. Outdoor or indoor play pens, play pens for big dogs or small breeds, metal, plastic, wood, or nylon- there’s a choice for everybody. Read on to find out which type your four-legged companion needs!

1.ESK Portable Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel

Perfect for puppies or toy dog breeds, this lightweight 8 panel play pen features mesh sides and top for better breathability and an extra layer of safety- no way for your petite pooch to jump out of the pen with a zippered mesh over their head. It’s ideal for traveling, as it’s foldable and easy to store (it even comes with its own travel tote). The whole thing sets up in seconds, The pen is made from waterproof 600d oxford cloth material fully which is fully washable. The diameter of the pen is 48 inches, and the height is 24 inches, so it won’t be a good choice for medium or large breed dogs.

2. Petmate 8 Panel Wire Exercise Pen with Door

Whether you need an outdoor or an indoor play pen for your dog, this sturdy wire model fits the bill. The classic 8 panel design makes sure that the setup is a piece of cake, and makes this play pen easy to store anywhere. Simply fold the panels down and put the pen away until you need it again- you can even fit it in most trunks so it’s good for traveling needs, too. The Petmate wire playpen comes in 5 different sizes: medium, intermediate, large, X-large, and giant. The diameter of all sizes is 5ft (in octagonal shape) and the height varies from 24 inches for the smallest size and 48 inches for the largest category.

3. IRIS Pet Playpen with Door

Who said that budget-friendly has to be fugly? Iris play pen with doors comes in 8 different shades for this particular size alone- with even more choice when you size up. The dimensions of this USA-made playpen are 35.25 inches in length and width, with 24 inches in height. This makes it suitable for puppies or small dogs who won’t be able to jump out of it. The colorful pen is made of durable, heavy-duty molded plastic so it’s not just easy on the eyes- the construction is robust and will give you years of use. With a four panel design and connecting rods to keep them in place, setup will be quick and effortless. The details on this play pen are quite impressive, such as the non-skid rubber feet for floor protection and locking latches for even more security.

4. Etna Pet Store Portable Dog Play Pen

Another lightweight portable dog pen that’s perfect for crating on the go, the Etna playpen gives your pooch a cozy, shady, well-ventilated nook wherever you happen to be. This nylon and mesh pen comes in two sizes- the dimensions for the smaller model are 29 x 29 x 17 inches and 36 x 36 x 23 inches for the larger pen. Needless to say, both versions are suitable only for puppies or tiny toy breeds. It is ideal for travel, camping, the beach, trips to the park, or even house training. It will help keep your pup away from guests or small children while giving them a spacious place to sleep, play, and relax. It has a water resistant base, too, which makes it great for indoors or outdoors. Stake holes on the side will keep it in place outside, too.

The washable, breathable materials do have their advantage as this play pen simply pops up- no setup needed- but it also means that a rambunctious pooch wouldn’t be held back by this lightweight construction. Have this in mind if you plan on using this for a litter of puppies or an active, curious toy breed dog.

5. BestPet Large Wire Pet Playpen

Looking for something you can keep outdoors to keep your pup (or puppies contained? The BestPet Pet Playpen is a large, customizable, and adjustable wire play pen that is perfect for larger dogs or a litter of puppies. You can connect as many pieces together as you’d like to create an extra large space for your pooch. The easy-set up makes it simple to put it together in minutes. There is also a middle door panel that makes it easier to let your pets in and out.

The BestPet Pet Playpen is made with sturdy and heavy duty rust resistant metal for increased longevity and use. It can be used indoors or outdoors but it seems to be a better fit for outdoor use due to its size. There are several different sizes options with a variety of panels, so you can pick the option that best fits your pet and your family’s needs.

6. MyPet Petyard Passage Puppy Pen

This plastic play pen for dogs will give your puppy seven square feet of room to play and rest in. The bottom of the pen is outfitted with skid-resistant pads which is perfect if you plan on using it indoors, but the versatile design allows both indoor and outdoor use. This compact pen is easy to assemble and comes with come with a carrying strap so you can take it with you on the go. The plastic is lightweight so it’s perfect for traveling. But what’s great about this play pen is that it has a lockable swinging door built in- if you want to give your pet the ability to go in and out of the pen, you can.

7. MidWest Exercise Pen In Gold Zinc

Budget-friendly, sturdy, versatile, and stylish to boot- what more could anybody ask for? Our preferred design boasts a durable gold zinc finish, but the same play pen also comes in black coating. And it’s not just for the sake of aesthetics- the finish also protects the strong metal wire from the elements. The MidWest playpen comes in a version without doors or like this particular type, feature secure double latch step-through door access. There are 4 sizes available- from 24 inches high panels for small dogs and puppies, to those that are 48 inches high and suitable for bigger dogs. Another fantastic thing about this playpen is that it can be used outdoors and indoors alike: ground anchors for outdoor use, corner stabilizers and thumb-snaps for easy assembly are all included with the pen.

8. MyPet 3-in-1 Wood Pet Yard for Dogs

The choice of material alone makes this play pen unique on our list: the bars that keep your four-legged friend safe during their play session are made from wood. The six, 30-inch panels offer up to 10 square feet of space and allow you to set the pen up in different shapes. It can be used as a standalone play pen (as most are) or mounted partly to the wall, creating a confined area in a fixed spot of your home. The wall mounts, as well as the door panel, come included with the pen, so you’ll be all set to use it however you prefer. Also, you can opt to use this pen as a barrier, unfolding it to block access to certain areas of the house, such as the staircase. 3 options for the price of one play pen- a bargain!

9. BODISEINT Portable Pet Playpen

It is never an easy task to keep a curious and rowdy doggo under control, especially when you’re too busy to monitor them all the time. But a sturdy dog playpen can help keep your pet safe, under control, and comfy- and if it’s collapsible and portable like BODISEINT Portable Pet Playpen, it also makes a great pet playpen for traveling. This unique design comes in several different sizes, notably small, medium, and large, making it great for most dog breeds regardless of their size. Made from high-quality, scratch-resistant Oxford fabric, this playpen has a flexible and collapsible construction, which ensures it’s easy to store when not needed and easy to set up in mere seconds. This octagonal playpen requires no assembly whatsoever as it just pops up when you unfold it.

Thanks to the mesh windows your pooch will have ample ventilation and good visibility of the surroundings, but sunshade as well – if you are outside, this can be really helpful.

10. New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Playpen X-Large

This versatile playpen comes in 5 different sizes and can accommodate dogs that are up to 30 inches tall. When set up, the X-Large wire pen gives your pet circa 16 square feet of space. The durable and sturdy wire is reinforced with black rust-preventive e-coat, so this foldable play pen is safe to use outdoors, too. While the affordable price and high-quality manufacture are reason enough to get this pen, its versatility is actually the main selling point. The play pen can be attached to a crate to create a spacious exercise or play area, or be upgraded with accessories such as wire top or sunscreen top, to name a few.

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