Ultimate Gift Buying Guide: Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Whether your dog-loving significant someone has a birthday coming up, you need ideas for holiday gifts for dog lovers, or simply want to knock your pooch-loving partner off their feet with a thoughtful present, we’ve got you covered.

It’s no secret that shopping for gifts can be super hard. I mean, it’s not like we’re all naturally gifted at gifting- it takes skill, y’all. However, if the person you’re trying to impress with your present is someone who loves dogs, your task will be so much easier. The reason? People who love dogs love dog-related gifts. It’s just science. There isn’t a single dog-loving person out there that won’t smile at a calendar featuring puppies or love a T-shirt with a witty remark about dog ownership. The trick, though, is combining the dog-loving factor with two equally important ones: occasion and individual preferences. If you nail all three- your gift will definitely be the one everyone’s talking about. And not to mention you’ll know that the recipient is super happy with it- which is the primary goal, after all.

Most memorable gifts for dog lovers don’t have to be expensive. The best thing in life–the love of a dog–is free (sans the kibble bill) and the next best thing (dog-themed gifts) is usually affordable. As long as you pick out the right gift, you’ll be golden- but it can be a bit difficult narrowing down your choice with so many options available.

To make sure your gift for that special dog lover in your life will rock no matter what occasion it is, we’ve prepared the ultimate gift buying guide. Feeling festive? Check out our ideas for Christmas gifts for dog lovers and get yours ahead of time–dog-themed gifts always sell like hotcakes so it doesn’t hurt to be early. Is someone’s birthday coming up and you want to outdo yourself? Birthday gifts for dog lovers are always a hit–and we’ve rounded up the best ones. Want your romantic interest to know you appreciate them in all of their dog-loving glory (or madness)? Get lovey-dovey with our gifts that will melt the heart of any pooch owner or pawrent-to-be. In other words, we’ve got you. We’ve selected the best gifts for dog lovers fit for any occasion: just pick your match.

Best Birthday Gifts for Dog Lovers

Before you skip on over straight to the list of birthday gifts for dog lovers, take a moment to think about what makes a great birthday gift. For some, it’s something practical, that they can use and cherish every day. Others love getting something that they ordinarily wouldn’t buy themselves–maybe something humorous or fancy. Then, there are those who like their gifts with a personal touch–it can be an internal joke, their engraved name, or anything that will speak to your relationship and how well you know them.

To sum it all up: you’ll have to know what the recipient likes to make their birthday gift truly memorable. Sure, any pooch-related item will make a solid gift for a dog lover, but you want it to be something memorable. Here are our top picks for birthday gifts for dog lovers that are a safe bet in any case–and if it happens to match the recipient’s personal quirks and preferences as well, all the better.

1. Limited Edition Love Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Who’s It For: Dog moms and pooch-loving ladies that are stylish and like to accessorize

This gorgeous cuff bracelet is both modern and timeless at the same time, and its minimalistic design ensures it will fit ladies with many different styles. It’s made from genuine sterling silver and features two dangling pendants: a small heart and paw. And as an additional treat for dog lovers, it also has a hidden slightly bone-shaped bar with ‘ I

2. Furbo Dog Camera

Who’s It For: People who love gadgets, work a lot, or want to spend their every waking hour watching their pooch (e.g. every dog pawrent ever)

If you can afford to splurge, why not get them a gift that every dog owner secretly wants to have? Pet cameras have been all the rage among pet parents for a while now, but not everyone has them- a win win situation for people looking for great gifts for dog lovers. Treat-tossing pet cameras are definitely the most sought-after, they offer the best bang for your buck, and Furbo is one of the most popular models. This remotely controlled pet camera lets the owner monitor their pets while they are away, communicate with them through 2 way audio, and toss yummy treats to their pampered pooches even while they’re sitting at work. And if the budget’s the problem, check out some of the more affordable basic alternatives such as Petzi.

3. Our Name is Mud “Dog Hair” Coffee Mug

Who’s It For: Coffee or tea enthusiasts, people with a good sense of humor, any dog owner except those that have Poodles or one of the hairless dog breeds

When you’re an *honest* pet owner, you can admit that the secret ingredient in your food or drinks isn’t love: it’s pet hair. So if your dog-loving friend or special someone isn’t shy about all the ups and downs of being a pet pawrent, they’ll certainly appreciate this funny mug. The design is also adorable- there are paw prints both on the inside of the mug and around the all-too-relatable quote. This hand-painted, lime green stoneware mug will hold 16 ounces of hot joe or herbal tea, and it’s machine washable and microwave safe. And. don’t worry, you don’t have to provide the hair to go with it–that part’s up to the furry companions.

4. All You Need is Love and A Dog Canvas Tote

Who’s It For: eco-friendly dog owners, proud pawrents who like to show off their love for their pet

All you need to make a dog lover happy with your gift is to make sure that there’s the word dog somewhere in it! This cute and budget-friendly present will put a smile on your friend’s face and help them proclaim their love for their pet every time they go out. Even though it’s not like they need help telling everyone how pawesome their fur child is! Made from heavy-duty canvas, this tote for dog lovers is great for people passionate about the environment, too, as you can carry your groceries in it and ditch the single use bags.

5. Willow Tree Angel of Friendship

Who’s It For: Sentimental dog owners, dog lovers that appreciate thoughtful gifts, dog owners who lost a beloved pet

For many pet parents (if not all), it feels like their dog is an angel sent from above- the kind of love and bond you make with your pet is truly a special one. This is why this polyresin, hand-painted figurine will put a smile on any pooch lover’s face! The figurine is cast from an original carving by Susan Lordi and depicts a standing angel in a cream dress and wire wings holding a brown dog in arms- it is about 5” tall. The message behind the artwork is “for those who share the spirit of friendship”, so it’s safe to say that it makes a beautiful gift for dog lovers, no matter the occasion. It can be a particularly thoughtful present for those that have just lost their pets, too- a token of your sympathy to help them through the grief.

Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Going through your Christmas shopping list can be difficult enough as it is- but when it comes to gifts for dog lovers, you don’t have to search far to find a suitable stocking stuffer. From gag gifts for white elephant exchange at work to thoughtful gifts for your pet-owning friends or family members, there’s plenty to choose from. To make your job easier, we’ve included the most wished for small gifts for dog lovers and some ideas for stocking stuffers that won’t leave any pet pawrent indifferent.

Who’s It For: Forgetful pet pawrents, dog lovers who live in ‘multi-human’ households

Who said that cheap stocking stuffer gifts can’t be appreciated and useful? This handy little reminder helps dog owners keep track of their fur baby’s feeding schedule, which is particularly useful if they are forgetful or live in a household with other people who could be tricked by the dog… into feeding the dog more times than it is necessary. The double adhesive and magnet attachments let the recipient pick where to put this gift: right by the door on the wall, above their pet’s bowls, or on the fridge. It’s simple, thoughtful, and cheap–it’s hard not to love this one!

7. The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs

Who’s It For: anyone who likes cute puppies and dogs, AKA every single person on the planet- period

The fact that it has ‘1,000 dogs’ in the title is enough to get any dog lover squealing, you know that, right? The Dogist has been around for years, captivating dog lovers through gorgeous photos of dogs and lovely captions that accompany them. This book is a tribute to all those social media and website posts and lets dog lovers have all that heart-melting goodness sitting on their coffee table- no WiFi needed. And if you’re still not sold on this book being one of the most perfect gifts for dog lovers, it has themed sections that include Puppies, Cones of Shame, Working Dogs, and Dogs in Fancy Outfits. Grab your wallet. You’re welcome.

8. Ye Olde Christmas Personalized Ceramic Heart Ornament

Who’s It For: People who appreciate personalized gifts, sentimental pawrents, dog lovers who have a healthy Christmas spirit

It might look like a small trinket but the thoughtfulness behind it is what counts more than anything else. Everybody likes a gift that has a personal touch, and dog owners are no different: in fact, we might be crazier about it than the rest. So it’s not a surprise that this little stuffer would be welcome in any pet owner’s stocking! This festive Christmas tree ornament can be personalized with any dog’s name, which all but guarantees it a spot on any pooch pawrent’s tree. The 3-inch ornament is made from high-quality ceramic material and comes in other festive designs.

9. Ugly Christmas Sweater Company Women’s Pullover Xmas Sweater

Who’s It For: party animals, pawrents who love cozy stuff

Who doesn’t love to strut his or her stuff in a pretty ugly Christmas sweater? Festive and adorable, these cozy sweaters play right into a beloved holiday tradition but offer a special twist that appeals to dog lovers. Available in trademark Christmas colors- emerald green and ruby red- this holiday sweater features three canine carollers howling a Christmas tune. Adorable as it gets! In addition to the festive print and colors, this woman’s sweater also has a hidden feature to get the party going- a set of LED lights in the crew neck. Honestly, if you’re looking to win some prizes for the best ugly Christmas sweater, this is the one to go for.

In addition to being hilarious and fun as it gets, this ugly Christmas sweater is also quite comfy. Made from 60% cotton and 40% acrylic, it is breathable, lightweight, and low-maintenance: just throw it in the washing machine when you spill eggnog all over it. Ugly Christmas Sweater Company Women’s Pullover Xmas Sweater comes in sizes small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large so most dog lovers will find a perfect fit.

10. SassyCups Dog Themed Tumbler Prefer Dogs Over People

Who’s It For: Sassy pooch pawrents, self-professed caffeine addicts, eco-conscious dog owners

The only thing better than having your drink warm when you’re on the go is having it in a travel mug that is eco-friendly and shares a clear message about where your heart is. We wouldn’t want any hoomans to get the wrong idea, wouldn’t we? Made from 18/8 kitchen-grade steel and powder coated to prevent scratches and damage, this tumbler is BPA-free, rust-resistant, and holds 20oz of liquid. It will fit most cup holders and it’s great at maintaining the temperature of your beverage: thanks to vacuum insulation, it will keep the drink cool up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours. Available in black or navy, this travel mug for dog lovers makes an excellent stocking stuffer or Christmas gift for all pooch fans in your life- from your family to office colleagues.

Best Anniversary or Valentine’s Gifts for Dog Lovers

What better way to show you care than a thoughtful gift for your dog-loving lover? Sure, chocolates and cards work, but why be average when you can get pet pawrent fall head over heels for you? Use occasions that celebrate love such as wedding anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, to acknowledge the unconditional love of your favorite person and their furbaby- and they’ll love you all the more for it. Whether you’re looking for a sweet present for a partner you’ve been with for years or want to make an impression on your Valentine date, if they have a dog or simply love pooches, a dog-themed gift is bound to be a hit. (Heck, even if you’re in the doghouse, getting one of these gifts for dog lovers might get you out of it.)

Who’s It For: *that* special dog mom in your life

When it comes to Valentine’s Day or an anniversary in order to show someone you really love them, you need to show them that you really know them. Of course, you can grab a card or some chocolate or maybe even deliver some flowers, but you know that the dog lover in your life gives their heart to their beloved pooch. This year get something really special that they will cherish as much as they cherish the commitment they made to you and their fur-baby. While they say you can’t go wrong with jewelry you certainly can go beyond the basic paw-based pendant. That is why we so love this unique yellow gold portrait of the back of a dog in an obedient sit position. Your relationship is solid and unique so should be your gift. While it does not come with a chain it does come with a certificate of authenticity, a lifetime warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee and that is all elegantly packed ready for gift giving.

12. Chloe & Madison A House is Not a Home Without a Dog Wine Glasses

Who’s It For: your dog-loving Valentine

Nothing sets the mood like music and wine, and when it’s served in these wine glasses, the effects even greater. Surprise your Valentine with a bottle of good wine and a pair of these stemless glasses, and you can’t go wrong. The permanently engraved ‘A House is Not a Home Without a Dog’ will wow any dog lover and make a great memento that can be used throughout the year for romantic nights in. And you get bonus points if you bring over an extra bottle of dog-friendly wine for the four-legged companion to enjoy!

13. Devoted: 38 Extraordinary Tales of Love, Loyalty, and Life With Dogs

Who’s It For: dog lovers you’re devoted to

Why not, totally non-obviously of course, hint that you’re devoted and loyal like a canine companion? I mean, it is a good quality in a romantic partner, so why not show it off? Just kidding–this book happens to be a great gift for any dog lover and the fact that it’s sweet and heartwarming makes it a good option for an anniversary gift. Rebecca Ascher-Walsh created a collection of 38 stories about dogs and their bravery and love that would melt anyone’s heart. Just think about it: what dog lover wouldn’t love to curl up with tales about dogs, a cup of tea, and a cozy blanket?

14. Scented Candles Whiskey River

Who’s It For: dog owners with a sense of humor, people who love scented candles

Scented candles can be a very romantic gift that hints at setting the mood with dim lights and intoxicating perfume… But they can also be romantic in another way: by showing your loved one you know how to make them giggle. These hand-poured soy wax candles come with many different humorous messages, but one for dog lovers hits the spot for any pooch persona. The front reads: Smells like unconditional love And drool. Lots and lots of drool. And the back preaches: ✓ Drawer of embarrassing costumes ✓ Wet chew toys everywhere ✓ Cat people are freaks. Adorable, right? Plus, the candle is well-made and smells like Grassy Dog Park- hopefully not too realistically, though.

15. Wacoii Dog-Shaped Succulent Pots with Drainage

Who’s It For: Plant-obsessed dog lovers

Crazy plant ladies and crazy dog ladies unite- because this dog-shaped succulent planter will be a dream come true for both. Handmade from ceramic and modeled to represent different dog breeds- Corgi, Chow Chow, Boston Terrier, Bulldog, Husky, Pomeranian are the available options, either in packs of single or three pots. And these pretty plant pots are not just cute, they are a great choice for succulents or other compact plants- each pot has 3 drainage holes and 3 mesh covers for the holes so you can control the drainage accordingly. And if you fancy the pooch-inspired plant pots but don’t have a green thumb to boot, no worries- each pot also comes with plugs for the holes so it can be used to hold pencils, makeup brushes, or any other knick-knacks.

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