10 Pawsitively Magnificent Maltese Trinkets

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria

Falling in love with these trinkets is easy when they’re adorned with an adorable Maltese. Which ones are on your must have list?

1. Hoodie

Wear this Maltese-covered hoodie proudly and let everyone know you’re one loyal dog mom.

2. Keychain

Now you can take your sweet Maltese puppy wherever you go. This cute Maltese dog keychain allows you to put your favorite picture of your doggo in the keychain so that you have a reminder of them even when you aren’t home. The word “Maltese” is written elegantly at the bottom, too. The unique spinning center makes this keychain a cool accessory to add to your key collection.

This is a great gift for Maltese lovers, especially when gifting a new Maltese puppy to someone in your family. It is also a great option to keep an extra key for your dog walker or a caregiver so they can easily identify your home’s key. It is made of high-quality materials so it won’t scratch or knick easily, and the durable double ring key holder will keep your key secure and safe- just like you like to keep your pup.

3. Mousepad

No office space is complete without this mouse pad depicting a day in the life of a Maltese: sitting around doing absolutely nothing, of course.

4. Pencil Case

Keep all your art supplies clean and organized with this brightly-colored Maltie pencil case.

5. Playing Cards

These cards guarantee a cheater-less game: just look at that face on these adorable playing cards! How could you possibly be untruthful with a Maltese staring at you with those puppy eyes?!

6. Wall Art

If you could never settle on what landscape to put on your wall, nick that idea altogether and purchase this swanky Maltese typographic print instead.

7. Wrist Watch

According to Fido, it’s always cuddle o’clock- and thank to this watch, you’ll have to agree.

8. Cookie Jar

This beautiful jar will keep your cookies (or your Maltese’s treats) well preserved until its high time for a snack.

9. Headphones

These Maltese-stamped headphones will constantly remind you that Fido is waiting for you at home at the end of that subway ride, waiting for a bellrub.

10. Maltese Makeup Bag
Looking for a cute way to store all your daily toiletries and makeup? This cute Maltese Makeup bag provides plenty of storage space to hold your everyday necessities like lipstick, makeup brushes, eyeshadow, foundation, primer, and lotions. It is the perfect addition to your daily routine or to take with you when you travel so you don’t forget about your sweet malty-pup!

With the Maltese Makeup Bag being lightweight and easy to carry, it makes for the perfect travel toiletry bag. It is made of PVC material so it’s easy to clean and wipe down if needed, and allows you to bring your cosmetics with you anywhere. It is small enough to fit in a purse to take with you daily or a backpack or luggage bag so you can take it with you when you travel. The digital maltese image will not only remind you of your furry friend, but it is also cool and modern.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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