Lambert Kay Fresh ‘n Clean Protein Infused Dog Shampoo and Cologne

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

Oscar tests out a new dog shampoo – but does it get two (wet) paws up?

It’s our first official product review for – and Oscar, our official test dog, wasn’t too pleased that this was to be his first mission. But he jumped in (with a little help, of course) to test out Lambert Kay’s Protein Infused Oatmeal ‘N Baking Soda Dog Shampoo and Cologne Finishing Spray.

A little about the Protein Infused Oatmeal ‘N Baking Soda Dog Shampoo. It’s made with Arm & Hammer baking soda to diffuse odor, while the oatmeal helps to soothe the dog’s skin while it’s being washed. The protein infusion gets into the hair fibers, which strengthens, repairs and protects the coat. This dog shampoo also contains Vitamin E and aloe, so it hydrates and moisturizes your dog’s skin. It’s great for all types of dogs, especially those with sensitive, itching or irritated skin. This product claims that it reduces hair breakage by over 80 percent.

Oscar doesn’t get a bath too often, as he likes to visit the groomers for a shave and a haircut every few months. But he was a brave little soldier, and for the good of, he agreed (reluctantly) to get cleaned up.

The Protein Infused Oatmeal ‘N Baking Soda Dog Shampoo used on Oscar was the Tropical Scent. It was fruity and fresh, and wasn’t overpowering. In fact, I found that it smelled like something that would be used at the groomers. I used a good-sized handful to work up a sudsy lather and went to work on Oscar. I was surprised how dirty the water was – like I said, as a true pampered pooch, he goes to the groomers on a regular basis and he’s by no means an outdoor dog.

Since Oscar is a nervous dog, I used the shampooing as a chance to give him a relaxing doggy massage (if you need some tips about washing your dog yourself, we’ve got a great article that outlines the steps). It helped a little, but he was itching to get out of the tub. After working it thorough his entire coat (don’t forget the paws and in between the toes), I used a wash cloth to wash his face and get behind his ears (I could even hear my mom’s voice nagging me about that neglected spot). I rinsed him off, repeated, and rinsed him off again until the water ran clear.

Typically, I use a conditioner after I shampoo Oscar, but I wanted to see what would happen if I skipped that step. Because the Protein Infused Oatmeal ‘N Baking Soda Dog Shampoo didn’t recommend a conditioning treatment afterward, I wanted to see if the dog shampoo would suffice. After a proper toweling off (and rubbing himself on every dry fabric surface in the house), Oscar retreated to the safety of his dog bed to eye me warily.

I don’t use a hair dryer on Oscar. It is fine to use one on your dog (always on a low setting), but Oscar hates the sound a hair dryer makes and I figured I put him through enough that day. I waited until he was completely dry before using the Fresh ‘N Clean Protein Infused Cologne Finishing Spay. But it’s important to note that you can use this product on your dog, wet or dry.

The Fresh ‘N Clean Protein Infused Cologne Finishing Spay is the final finishing touch for your freshly bathed dog. It also contains protein, Vitamin E and aloe to help soften and strengthen your dog’s hair. Plus, you can use it in between washes to keep your dog smelling his freshest (perfect for when company comes over).

I also used the Tropical Scent, continuing the fruity theme throughout the grooming process. Just a few spritzes on his back sufficed. I bushed it through so it covered the entire length of his body. I didn’t spray his head – I kept it below the neck and away from his face.

Once he was all dry, I noticed right way how much softer Oscar’s coat was. And this was just using the shampoo – no conditioner! It’s never felt this soft before. I was really impressed, as were the people who have petted him. They’ve all commented on how soft he is. On top of that, there’s been no itching, so I’m guessing that the shampoo didn’t leave him with dry skin. And even after a week, I can still smell the cologne on his fur. But a note of caution – after you spray your dog with the cologne finishing spray, give it 30 minutes or so to dry before you pet your dog. If not, you have a tropical-scented hand for the rest of the day.

After recovering for his ordeal, Oscar had to admit that he was looking fine and was ready to strut his stuff in the dog park (and perhaps impress a few lucky ladies). We give Lambert Kay’s Protein Infused Oatmeal ‘N Baking Soda Dog Shampoo and Cologne Finishing Spray two paws up and will totally use it again when Oscar takes another power walk through the muddy park.

If you want to learn more about Lambert Kay and its line of Fresh ‘n Clean products and where to purchase them, please visit the company website.

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Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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