Product Review: Bionic Urban Stick

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
Does Oscar retrieve the Bionic Urban Stick or is it fetch fail?

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but let me just reiterate it once more: Oscar is a tough chewer. For such a little guy, he gnaws his way through most toys in a flash. Soft, plush toys are destroyed in a matter of minutes. He’s even eaten a few plastic ones, which is why I usually stick to balls and rope. But when I got the chance to test out the Bionic Urban Stick, I was curious to see if this toy would survive the “Oscar Challenge.”

So here’s what the Bionic Urban Stick boasts: durability, continued interest (from your dog) and super strength – even for the most aggressive chewers. Years of design went into the Urban Stick, so we’re expecting big things from this product. Just a few of the highlights includes a splinter-free design, no sharp edges, a multitude of uses and contoured ridges that create a throwing grip and uneven surface for dogs to chew on. Lastly, the Bionic Urban Stick is made from Bionic Rubber. Here’s what the company has to say about it:

“Molecules of Bionic are three dimensionally inter-woven with each other, creating material Nano-connections that are bionic in strength yet pliable and bouncy. Bionic is engineered and made by a proprietary process, invented to meet the high energy play patterns of pets.

Bionic Rubber® is made from FDA food-grade materials that is 100% recyclable allowing us to create virtually no waste when we manufacture our products. Bionic Rubber® has been rigorously tested to ensure it is safe for your pet and that it does not contain any harmful phthalates, hormones, lead, cadmium, mercury, and natural rubber, Bisphenoal A, asbestos or latex.”

Enough with the science stuff… let’s get down to some fun. As soon as I unwrapped it and handed it off to Oscar, he went to town on the stick. After much experience, he knows that the weakest part of many toys is its ends, so that’s where he went to work. He chewed on the stick for an hour – at that time, I took it away to see how much damage was done. And it was perfect. Sure, it was a little wet with dog drool, but other than that, I couldn’t see any damage.

Next up, I used the Bionic Urban Stick as a distraction. I put a tablespoon of peanut butter in one of the open ends and gave it back to Oscar while I had a shower. This kept him busy for a good 20 minutes, just enough time for me to enjoy a hot shower without Oscar wandering into the bathroom to see if I wanted to pet him.

Finally, it was time for a little fetch. With the density of the stick, I was concerned that Oscar would be hesitant to bring it back to me, as it would be too heavy for him to carry. But as soon as I threw it, he chased after it like a boss and had no problems bringing it back to me.

The Verdict

It’s been three week since we’ve been playing with the Bionic Urban Stick and it still looks as good as new. It’s made its way into Oscar’s main rotation of toys and he’s even brought it into his crate with him. Another added bonus is that I can pop it into the dishwasher when it gets to gross for me to touch and Oscar to chew – that’s a great selling point for me. I can see this toy lasting for years and it offers good bang for your bunk. This is a toy worth investing in – not that it’s at all expensive. Oscar has the small stick and it only costs $9.99. Not too shabby at all! If your dog is an aggressive chewer, I would recommend the Bionic Urban Stick for hours and hours of fetching and chewing fun.

The Bionic Urban Stick comes in sizes from small to extra-large, and ranges in prices from $9.99 to $24.99. You can find it at select pet supply retailers or you can order it online at Bionic’s website.

*Note: was NOT compensated for this review. We received a free Bionic Urban Stick to review. The opinions expressed in this post are the author’s. We provide unbiased feedback of the products and share products we think our readers would enjoy using and learning more about.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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