PupPod Smartphone-Connected Puzzle Toy Wins Innovation Award

PupPod, an amazing interactive new dog toy, has recently won the 2017 Award of Innovation at the KC Animal Health Corridor Investment Fund.

PupPod, the smartphone-connected puzzle toy that gets harder as a dog gets smarter, received the prestigious Innovation Award at the recent KC Animal Health Corridor Investment Forum. PupPod was among 18 innovative early-stage businesses in the animal health and nutrition industry to present at the event.

So what makes PupPod stand out from all those other dog toys out there on the market? Well it’s tough to know where to start, as PupPod has so many fantastic features. Let’s start with the connectivity aspect. Your PupPod connects to your smartphone via an app. When your dog solves the PupPod puzzle, your phone will alert you and you can reward your dog with a treat.

The app records the progress of your dog through the puzzles so you can see how his problem solving skills improve over time. You’ll also have achievement to aim for, which you can then share on social media. This is one dog toy that’s just as much fun for the owners as it is for the dogs!

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So what exactly is the toy itself? Well, it’s housed within a red KONG Wobbler, and with a series of lights, sounds and sensors, your dog is given a puzzle to solve. When he solves the puzzle, your app will alert you to treat your dog – simple!

But here’s where it gets even more clever. As your dog masters the puzzles, the puzzles automatically get harder and more challenging! How many times do you buy a puzzle toy, only to have your dog lose interest once he’s worked it out? With the PupPod, the puzzle is always new and fresh.

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PupPod is great, even if you’re short of time. Of course it’s lovely to spend quality time playing with our pets. But with PupPod, there’s no need for your dog to miss out on his fun time just because you are in a hurry. The PupPod also works with a Bluetooth feeder which will automatically reward your dog when he solves the puzzle. Brilliant!

PupPod certainly deserves this prestigious accolade and it will be interesting to see what new and innovative pet products they come up with next!

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