Top 10 Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Tired of hearing that toys are indestructible and your heavy chewer won’t destroy them in 2.5 seconds, only to find out that they most certainly did? We found the top 10 dog toys for aggressive chewers, and think you’ll want to put them to the task too.

I always laugh when some toy calls itself a toy for a heavy chewer. Mine aren’t even what many consider heavy chewer breeds, but boy…do they destroy toys. That’s why I set out to find toys that my pups won’t tear up in two seconds flat, and we’ve compiled a list of the top ten toys for aggressive chewers just for you.

1. GoDog RopeTek

My dogs are heavy chewers. I’m talking heavy chewers who will figure out how to destroy something and the GoDog RopeTek line from World Wise gives them a hug run for their money. Which makes them totally worth mine.

2. Ruff Dog

These toys are so guaranteed, it’s for life. That’s right…if you find your dog does somehow figure out how to get their toys to a vulnerable and destroyed state, Ruff Dog will replace it. For life. They’re so confident in their product they make the claim, which doesn’t often happen for dog toys!

3. 4Best Friends Lucha Libre and Tough Toys Line

We loved seeing the return to ‘roots’ with 4 Best Friends’ Lucha Libre Line. Tough, durable toys made of non-toxic rubber (because let’s face it…if they’re gonna chew something, don’t you want it to be non-toxic?) and we love the family-owned focus on creating toys that are safe for their pets and ours! Plus, we love the focus on natural rubber in case there is any accidental ingestion.

4. West Paw Qwizl

This treat-dispensing toy is durable, and we love that it’s made from recyclable products and that West Paw is committed to sustainability and taking care of the environment while they take care of our pets. This toy was extremely tough and will be great for reward-motivated doggos!

5. Multipet Dental Diamond Toy

This LED lit toy is great for playing as well as cleaning your doggo’s teeth and keeping them from destroying toys. It’s LED light action keeps them interested, and the tough, durable material keeps them from destroying it in 3.7 seconds. No…we promise!

6. Hero DuraMax Chew

This is a STURDY toy, let us tell you. It’s natural rubber, and it definitely is tough and doesn’t have the edges that will give your pups the start to destroying them from the start. And where can you go wrong with a name like Hero? You can’t, and these toys will be staples in your dog toy box. They’re officially debuting later this year, but some have started in production and you’ll love them.

7. Starmark Everlasting Treat Wheeler

Holy cow—we watched a video of a German Shepherd going nuts on this toy and let me tell you–if you think your dog is a tough chewer, the folks at Starmark know what’s that about as they’re a family-owned company who builds toys for their pups. It’s a winner.

8. Tuffy Mega Ring

So your dog toy is also the same toy that lion preserves use for their lions and tigers and bears, oh my….yeah, you can bet these are perfect for your aggressive chewers. Because if a lion is not considered the standard for aggressive chewers, I don’t know what is…

9. The Barrett Ball

The Barrett Ball was created by James Hayes for his service dog Barrett. Realizing that Barrett was an aggressive chewer, he created this ball of solid rubber. He showed us Barrett’s current Barrett Ball–one he’s had for nearly a year they told me, and it wasn’t even close to nibbled much! It has a lifetime guarantee and 100% of the profits go to Dogs4Warriors as a giveback to the organization that gave Barrett to James. It’s a true win-win!

10. Petsport USA Tough Rings

These suckers are tough. They’re tough construction and they’re thick, so your dog is not going to get through these any time in the near future, so you’ll have lots of tug toy opportunity!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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