6 Reasons You Need To Camp in Style With Your Pooch in an RV

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
We had the opportunity to talk with Amy Burkert from Gopetfriendly.com, who shared with some fabulous reasons RVing with your pet is the thing to do!

Let’s just be honest. Hitting the road and traveling the country in an RV sounds pretty freaking awesome. And that’s exactly what Amy Burkert and her Rod husband do. Even more awesome, they do this with their fur babies Ty and Buster, scouring the country for the lowdown on all the pet-friendly places we can go. The Burkerts are spending the better portion of this year on their Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip, with different pit stops for meeting up with fellow pet lovers.

We asked Amy what was so awesome about road-tripping in an RV with your dog and she told us several reasons that RVing with pets is fabulous!

1. Pets always feel at home

An RV gives a family with fur members all the comforts of home but the ability to travel just about anywhere the wind takes you. Pets are able to enjoy all that the road trip offers, but at the end of the day, they get to curl up in their same nice and cozy spot for sleeping, which allows them to maintain routine that pets love so much. In essence, an RV becomes another ‘home’ for pets, even though they are always on the go.

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2. Plenty of space for all a pooch’s paraphernalia

RVs are also great because one has the flexibility to travel, but is not necessarily confined to a suitcase or two that would limit what was brought for the pets. An RV has good storage ability so that you can make sure you have the necessities and even conveniences that accompany pets (like toys, grooming supplies, etc.) with you wherever you go.

3. Puppy Pit Stops

Speaking of wherever you go…when taking your pets with you in an RV, no need for barreling through the trip! Amy said one of the best perks to traveling in the RV with your dog is potty breaks! Yes, believe it or not, dogs needing potty breaks are a great opportunity for the whole family to make the most of a road trip. Dogs answering the call of nature actually puts YOU out in nature too and allows the family to explore sights off the beaten path. Amy advises that planning a little picnic or a visit to a little town as a break for the whole family can break the trip up in a way that’s enjoyable for all and won’t make you feel like you’ve done nothing but stare at pavement the whole trip!

4. RV Parks Share the Dog Love.

According to Amy, RV parks are some of the most pet-friendly places around, and very few charge additional pet fees like hotels do. And they’re a great way for your pooch to meet up with other doggy friends who are traveling the highways and byways as well! Puppy Party!

5. Lots of Opportunity for safe and fun exercise

Taking your pup along with you in the RV means that the opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and exercise are near limitless! Amy says that road tripping in an RV means lots of varied paved roads, paths and nature trails for you and your pet to explore. Who knows? Your pooch may even best you in the license plate game!

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6. Safety in Traveling

The purpose of the RV is to feel more at home, and while that’s a plus, we also have to remember that we are in a moving vehicle and need to keep our pets and ourselves safe. While tendency may be to have our pets in our laps or letting Fido have free range in the RV, we need to always be sure they are in a fixed seat belt harness or carrier to keep them safe. More, if pulling a camper, it’s not safe to let the dog be in the camper if you are in the vehicle pulling the camper. Always have her with you so you can be sure she’s as safe and comfy as you.

If packing a bag and hitting the highway sounds like the fun you’ve been waiting to have, head over to their page to find the closest event to you and sign up. And, happy tails to you!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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